The best days start with sprinkles. Always and forever.

Seriously. Will I ever grow out of it?

I hope not.

Um, so I have to tell you. After last week and our talk on books, I ended up reading Fangirl. GAH! Holy cow, I LOVED it. Like read-it-in-two-days loved it. Like stayed-up-past-midnight-on-Sunday-and-slept-through-my-alarm-Monday loved it. That was the worst way possible to start a Monday but it was worth it. Then on Monday night I was up until 2AM finishing it. Need to control myself better. I liked Eleanor and Park but thought Fangirl was better.

It’s the exxxxxact kind of book to real me in. Attachments is next.

Say hello to my favorite juice. It’s not too green but green enough. It doesn’t make me hate life like some other juices. It’s a nice little snack. I wish it could replace broccoli for the rest of my life.

I’ve also been eating some major eggs lately. The ones below are served on top of a dirty beer cooler because I had to empty my fridge to have a new one delivered. Appliances are unlucky in my home.

Know what I’m gonna tell you about today? The cookbook. Yeah. My cookbook.

Lots of you are asking about the cookbook; in fact – it seems to be my most asked question at the moment. Yes, hashtag humble brag. I know.

I’m super excited about the book. It will be out this fall and it has over 150 recipes that are brand new. Well, okay, there might be maybe five recipes inside that are from the blog, but if they come from the blog, I made them even better. I really wanted to produce a book full of new content.

Here’s the thing about the book. I don’t know how to talk about it. I’m a freak. I’m proud of it but I hate to sound like I’m tooting my own horn. I hate to sound like I’m constantly promoting something or I’m all “buy my book, buy my book, get excited for my book, blah blah blah.” It’s something I’ve been struggling with now for over a year, and because of that, I haven’t given you much info.

The thing (the other thing, apparently) is that I like this blog to be about you, my invisible internet friends. Which I know, makes zero sense since I write everyday about myself, but I like to do it FOR you. I adore coming up with new recipes and sharing them with you. My number one goal for, well, ever was to only be myself and NEVER allow this site to turn into a commercial, which is why I rarely work with brands. So talking about my own product even freaks me out a little bit. It’s kinda like this… sometimes I want to do giveaways to show my appreciation to you (because omg, you’ve changed my life and I love your guts) but I never want you to think that I’m trying to buy your love. Can you be bought? I can probably be bought to a point. Especially with this bag. I want you to read because you WANT to read. I want you to be here because you want to be here, all big time kitchen appliances and gift cards and cookbooks aside.

If you’ve been reading since the beginning, you might remember that back in 2009 I would have given my left arm (wait, no… probably both arms) to write a cookbook. As a new blogger, I felt that a book validated my work, validated my content and made me REAL. That maybe it would make other people thing I was legit. I was thisclose to doing a cookbook at that time… and it was centered around something I wasn’t very passionate about. And it was then that I realized that I was already doing what I loved and I didn’t need a book to make it real. (AW!) I seriously LOVED (and obviously still love) sharing and writing and talking about recipes and whatever else with you guys. It is one of my strongest (if not thee strongest) passions and in early 2010,  I determined that it was what made me so happy, what made my world go ‘round. It was scary at first to give up the idea of a cookbook, but honestly? It felt so damn right. The lack of interest I felt in doing it was… astonishing. To me. I didn’t want it. I just wanted to come here and write everyday and cook my buns off and do other things relating to that and all that jazz. SO I DID.

But the thing (another thing, ugh) was that the requests for a book did not stop coming. Oh my god, I know how it sounds. To tell you my thoughts in full though, this plays a large part in why I ended up with a cookbook coming out later this year. At first I was like, um hello? I put all my content on the internet for FREE. Why do you people want a book that you need to pay for? (No. Really. I think I responded to multiple emails with that line.)

This is the internet generation people! Live it!

However, that didn’t work, and after two more years and an even stronger relationship with my invisible internet friends (we are tight right? I love you like a drug), here we are. It’s not that I have wanted to keep it a secret, it just comes down to the whole I-don’t-know-how-to-share-big-things-about-myself-with-you-without-feeling-like-I’m-screwing-my-own-content. You know you know? Anyhoo, long story long, I won’t do weird things like that anymore. I’m gonna tell you things about it. Like really delicious things. Probably annoying things. But real things. The new things inside the book taste REALLY GOOD. I can’t wait for you to see.

I’m also going to find a thesaurus and get a new word for “things.” And I’m probably going to eat leftover this for breakfast now because… that’s normal. Short rib omelet? Here I come.