tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-8

1. Um… moonshine sweet tea cupcakes? These are incredible. Come soon, summer.

2. One would think that 70 million people being involved in a security breach would keep me out of Target, but uh… no. Why does this not scare me? Why must I be an idiot millennial? And most importantly, why is their Valentine’s Day line so damn perfect?

3. I’ve kinda been holding out on you because my BFF (facebaby’s mom!) had twins this past summer and one looks like this. Like a minature face baby. I don’t even know how to describe her because she’s just so funny. The hair. The faces. The personality. I’m dead.

4. One of my goals this year is to remove clutter as it appears and to try and keep on top of messy rooms that stress us both out. I am failing so miserably. I am, however, killing it in the making-dinner-every-night category. Like, kill-ing-it.

5. Cannot even express my love for my pinterest inspiration board. It’s one of the only pinterest things that doesn’t stress me out. It’s like my electronic vision board.

6. So. I’ve talked for years about how my husband sleeps like a crazy person and tosses and turns while I fall asleep and wake up in the exact same position. Sometimes when he is doing something really crazy and it wakes me up, I take a pic and send it to him because he doesn’t believe me. I don’t know if he finds it as funny as I do. Cameras in phones are a scary thing.

7. Speaking of sleeping, I saw an informercial for something called a chillow? Like an always chilled pillow? Pretty sure I need that in my life. Is there anything better than the feeling of a cool pillow?

8. Annnnnd here we go: GIRLS. I have to be getting really old, because I could not believe the absolute raunch within the first five minutes. I mean, I totally could, but I still wanted to cover my ears. STOP MAKING ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I thought Shoshanna stole the show. She’s so out of control. And oh my gosh – PUHlease read this: if the cast of Girls was made into American Girl dolls. As someone who lived and died for those dolls though (pretty sure I still own every book), I could not even handle it. That first picture.

9. Did you guys watch True Detective? We’ve been waiting for it for months and DVRed it but didn’t get around to the whole thing yet. Mostly because I force my husband to do nothing but watch SOA with me. Obsession does not even begin to describe. Although during each episode I’m like… do these guys ever actually WORK?

10. 35 foods from your childhood that are extinct now. My brothers and I used to beg my mom for SO many of these. Like, what was it about crystal pepsi that was so appealing? Blech.

11. Can we talk about how excited I am for the olympics? I didn’t even realize they were so soon until a few weeks ago and I can’t wait. You may remember me freaking over the summer olympics in 2012 and talking about them nonstop. I’m sure in a month I’ll write about my dream of becoming a professional figure skater. And then when Nashville comes back on, I’ll tell you I want to be a country music star. Maybe I can be a country music star that skates while she sings. Because that’s real.