Are you ready for some pink overload? Below is my life – this is exactly what my last seven days looked like!

A few weeks ago, I was given the last minute opportunity to go to the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City with Wayfair and host their lounge on Friday with Maria. (full disclosure: wayfair paid for my ticket to Alt, I covered everything else.)

Um, could there BE a more Jessica-ish lounge? I think not.

So fun and fancy! Hot pink rules my world.

The lounge was themed for Valentines Day but personally? I’d like my house to look like this all year round. I must show you just a few of the things in our pretty little room…

Not only did we have candy hearts… we had sparkly jelly beans.

Okay, maybe not sparkly, but they definitely had a glistening iridescent shimmer. My kinda beans.

Pink pencils too!! I know some of you are pen/pencil and paper freaks like I am, so pink pencils nearly put me over the edge.

I wanted to steal these giant clusters of balloons,

inappropriately appropriate pillows,

and all sorts of fun pink things. I was completely losing my mind over the pink furniture and details. I need a room to redecorate ASAP.

We also had dinner at Sapa with Wayfair – I consumed my body weight in delicious sushi but apparently only came out alive with this picture of a cakelike mouselike cheesecake ice cream thing below.

I still have no idea what it is. It was just fantastic.

I absolutely loved Alt and it wasn’t just because of the overwhelmingly bright ornamentation.

But of course that helped.

Yes, that is a mini horse/pony/(I’m saying unicorn) rainbow piñata up there. Too good to be true? We each got our own.

And MORE PINK PENCILS. My life is seriously made. Except that I need a pencil sharpener. Maybe I can use a makeup one? I really want one of the automatic ones like I had as a kid.

I left Salt Lake City with a much clearer mind and psyched about the goals I want to accomplish. It sounds cliche, but I may not have felt this way had I not made my vision board at the beginning of the year and stuck to the planner that I still can’t get enough of. Dude I love that thing.

I couldn’t leave without eating donuts first. These ones below were from Banbury Cross and while sprinkles are my thing, that blueberry donut rocked my world.

I also saw tons of pretty things like mountains and snow. I think we had more snow (and definitely colder temps) in Pittsburgh – heck, I didn’t even take a coat to SLC because in my mind, I was thinking “40s sound warm!”

It really does. Still.

I have to tell you: Maria took me into this little shop and I can’t get enough of the jewelry. I bought this necklace and and a massive shimmery purple ring that I will show your soon. GAH. It’s so gorgeous and affordable.

{also I need that artichoke hanger thing in my life asap}

On my final day we had the best girls lunch ever at Tulie Bakery (most incredible croque monsieur of my life?) and I desperately wanted to take home a few of these croissants that were the size of my head.

The cookie was fab too… as was the mocha, now that I’m addicted. Guess I got what I wished for. Remind me when I decide to quit coffee sometime, because I’m assuming that will happen eventually. I just want to learn latte art at home. That’s all I’m asking!

Every time we were driving through SLC with the mountains in the distance, I kept saying to Maria “those mountains are fake. they are seriously FAKE! look at those mountains!!! No, do you see them? THOSE AREN’T REAL!”

My ignorance is annoying. I’m serious though. Those mountains are so freaking pretty and I will never get over them.

Um, you also need to know about this shrimp. On Saturday night to continue our food feast, Kelley made us this shrimp for dinner and it was to die for. We ate it with bread and it was so delicious that I made it again on Monday night for dinner here. (she also made polenta that was so fantastically buttery I can’t handle it.) Moral of the story: make the shrimp. Eat it with bread. Like lots of it.

Annnd that’s my week. I pretty much LOVE Utah. This was the second time I’ve been there in three months and I feel so lucky – now I’m just dying to take my husband. He HAS to go, right?

Speaking of conference-like events, in April I’ll be speaking again at go blog social. I did this last year and it was super fun. And I think early bird tickets are still on sale for another day or two? Anyhoo, if you’d like to come chat and hear me talk about life/embarrassing things/how to make invisible internet friends, I’ll be there. How was your week? Are you seven seconds away from ordering all that pink furniture up there like I am? Tell me. It’s okay.