tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-10

1. It’s in negative temps here today, but all I can think of is this chocolate peanut butter cereal milk ice cream. She gets me. WHOA BABY.

2. Actually… it’s so cold here that the butter I have sitting out on the counter won’t soften. I don’t mind that much since it is sunny outside, but I’d really like a fancy microwave that softens butter and not one that I have to babysit every six seconds.

3. I asked this on Twitter yesterday, but has anyone read Labor Day? I’m tempted to read it after seeing the movie previews, but that might just be because I like to pretend Kate Winslet is my friend.

4. Eddie snacks on trail mix everyday… but when he buys is pre-packaged, he picks out every single almond and every single pecan. Like down to the crumbs. Guess what? He has eaten things with almonds before. I tell him that he’s confusing nuts.

5. This morning I worked out to an LFO playlist. It never gets old.

6. Last night while finishing up some photo editing, I turned on Full House. Because that’s what people in their 30s do. It happened to be the episode where Danny Tanner turns 30. THIRTY. Like older than me. Freaking 30. I just sat there stunned. Not stunned enough though to be slightly giddy over the superbowl Full House reunion commercial that’s coming up.

7. I think we are definitely watching too much sons of anarchy because Eddie said that twice while I was away, he was convinced somebody was in our house and was tempted to walk around with a weapon. Both nights he had watched three episodes before bed.

8. I was kind of bored with Girls this week, can we just have a show all about Shoshanna? Yeah yeah, I know, then her parts wouldn’t be as funny and fabulous. I’m reeeeeally excited yet emotionally distraught for the Walking Dead to come back on. And I’m still so engrossed in Nashville that I like to pretend that it’s my life. We are watching True Detective and like it, but I think our obsession with SOA is hindering that process a bit. I can only take one crime-like show at a time. You know my girly tastes.

9. I’ve been professing my love for Kacey Musgraves for at least two years now, but here’s why you need to drop everything and listen to her album. Uh, also? 25 boy band songs to get you through today. Tuesday is hard.

10. Uh, yesterday my cousin told me that there is a Pitch Perfect 2 coming out? I don’t think I knew this. I’m half thrilled and half dreading it because when is the second movie ever as good?

11. Today I’m going to live in my inspiration pinterest board. It’s warm and beachy and motivational and PINK. Also, apparently donuts inspire me. At least that’s my excuse for eating them.