tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-9

1. This shake. AHHHH. I shared it last week and then made something somewhat similar over the weekend and I’ll tell you about it soon. Faceplant city.

2. While I’m on the topic of sweet thangs, this healthy sticky chocolate cake. What? I’m doing that. Today.

3. We are getting another polar (bear) vortex or something but Eddie and I have sort of gone on a driveway shoveling strike. As in… we’ve done a really poor job of shoveling this winter and we look out the window, then look at each other and just shrug our shoulders. Our neighbors most likely hate us. I’m turning him into a non grown up.

4. I got the first taste that my super high heeled days may be coming to a close (not like I would ever let that happen) when I bought a pair of boots (these ones) at the nordstrom after christmas sale. I thought I could do it but after I brought them home and attempted… no. Just no. This… never… happens. EVER.

5. Um. Many times I wish instagram had an age restriction. Like a driving age. Like 16 or something. Because really, is it spam or is it a third grader with an iPhone?

6. It feels like I say this about four times a year, but there are so many movies I’m dying to see. Yet… we never go to the movies. I don’t know if it’s just because we are lazy or we never think about it, but when we do actually go we enjoy it, sooooo. Currently it’s probably because I can’t pull myself away from netflix and jax teller.

7. Last night we had taco salads for dinner and a good taco salad is seriously underrated. I’m tooting my own horn but I’ve done a killer job of making some really delicious dinners every weeknight. It was one of my goals and I’m hoping I can keep it up past, you know, the third week of January?

8. Girls! What are your thoughts? Even though it’s a trainwreck and my secondhand embarrassment is through the roof, I actually think it’s better than last season and I find myself laughing a lot more than last year. I kind of like that we are seeing what a disaster Marnie is. And and and – on Nashville? I gotta say how much I love Avery. I’m not sure I’ve ever turned such a strong dislike of a character into love. Freaking love him. What else are you watching? Are you going to tell me to watch the Following? Puhlease. My DVR only has so much space.

9. I’m so annoyed that I laughed at this, but nevertheless, I really laughed: 22 reasons why commas are the most important things in the world.

10. I’m packing up to head to Salt Lake City tomorrow and I’m all oh I’ll just lay out my exact outfits and accessories so I don’t over pack this time since uh maybe last time I flew I had to pay $125 for an extremely overweight suitcase and I almost died and I’d really like to avoid that unnecessary and embarrassing expense. Well. This means nothing. I’m just packing three times as much now. I hate myself.