[hi hi. i’m finishing up my book edits and coming out of obscurity later this afternoon. for now, we’re doing this. i jacked this idea from, oh, i don’t know, like thousands of blogs i’ve seen over the last four+ years. it’s long. i’m wordy. i don’t ever shut up. it can be a bit much. i get it.]

[p.s. please share something random with me so i feel less vulnerable and freakish. k thanks bye.]

real life wednesday I howsweeteats.com

1. I have zero fashion sense and no eye for interior design. I mean, I can pick things out that I like (hello neon, pastel, black, leopard print everything), but when it comes to putting things together it is one giant hot mess.

2. I still haven’t changed my last name. I never intended to keep my maiden name but I did so… mostly out of laziness… and five years later I’m still using it. I actually would like to change it but it seems a little late (and confusing) now.

3. I was petrified of animals when I was a kid and cried for hours when my parents said we were getting a dog.

4. I went into college as a history major and have an absolute fascination with all things American history.

5. The only thing I like to drink cold is iced coffee, otherwise I prefer my water or beverages to be room temperature. So weird.

6. I still can’t get into the habit of making our bed every morning.  I need to grow up.

7. I don’t understand how people can’t be insanely passionate about SOMETHING. It’s just how I’m wired.

8. As a kid, I hated butter. My mom used to butter our bread for sandwiches and I’d have a complete meltdown. On the same note, I once walked into the kitchen and found one of my brothers eating a stick of butter straight up.

9. The most challenging time in my life so far was the first year or so of marriage. If you read my blog back then, you probably get this.

10. The second most challenging time was my freshman year of college. Never ever want to relive that.

11. The only drink I ever crave is water. Carbonation burns my throat.

12. I rarely can read an entire book without reading the last few pages first. I ruin everything.

13. I could never go camping. Please don’t make me.

14. I rarely have interest in the bread basket on the table at dinner. I find it to be boring.

15. Also, I can pass up cake at a birthday party 85% of the time. It has to be over the top to interest me.

16. I am insanely disgusted by entitlement. See also: I don’t think there is a thing such as working too hard.

17. I love my work so much that many nights I wish I didn’t need sleep to function.

18. Even though I get emotionally attached to TV shows and books, I don’t get emotionally attached to objects and can throw most stuff away without batting an eye. I’m not a pack rat.

19. I succumbed to peer pressure and did a juice cleanse last year… and thought it was horrific. Made it all three days though.

20. I’ve never drank (drunk?) a glass of milk in my life.

21. I never cared for cartoons when I was a kid. I’ve never seen the little mermaid or bambi. Who am I?

22. I didn’t get my ears pieced until I was 18. My mom still doesn’t have hers pierced.

23. I’ve had my hair done by the same person for over 20 years and can’t imagine anyone else touching it.

24. I’m not super into astrology but believe I’m a scorpio to a T.  Seriously.  Like to a TEEEE.

25. I took over six years of Spanish but absorbed nothing other than “Hola.”

26. I am scared of the dark. Not kidding.

27. I cannot stand someone touching my feet. EVER.

28. I have a killer memory. My husband hates it. Apparently not when it comes to learning other languages though.

29. I couldn’t have cared less about antiques until I started photographing food.

30. I never get road rage and don’t believe in it. I feel like it’s the biggest waste of time and a ridiculous use of emotional resources.

31. I’ve never put a cigarette to my lips, ever.

32. I couldn’t get into Breaking Bad. I know. My taste is wretched.

33. My first job was at a car wash. And I definitely wrecked a customer’s car while pulling it out of the wash.

34. I fangirl over my favorite authors way more than any actor or musician.

35. I did my own makeup on my wedding day. Looking back now, I so shouldn’t have.

36. I can no longer watch horror films. The Strangers ruined everything for me.

37. One of my life fears is that my future kids will be bullied.

38. I can’t fathom what it’s like to “forget” to eat. That is a foreign concept to me.

39. I got my belly button pierced in college and it was a nightmare. It lasted about a month before I decided that I hated it.

40. I can’t keep the inside of my car clean to save my life. Like to the point where Eddie refuses to drive it.

41. The smooth jazz Pandora station is playing on my computer right now. And often.

42. For over 10 years, my go-to quote has been “when you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” A Thomas Jefferson one, I believe.

43. I broke my arm twice: once when I was 18 months old and the second when I was a tween and one of my brothers threw a football under my bike tire. While I was riding it.

44. I don’t miss personal training at all, even though it was what I wanted to do from the age of 16 and I was obsessed with my job at the time.

45. I still wish that skinny jeans never came into style.

46. I’m don’t feel ready to have kids but want a big family in the future so riddle me that. Time’s a tickin’!

47. Twice in my life I’ve cut my hair to almost chin-length, removing like 10+ inches. Hilariously enough, it was after my college freshman year and a month after I got married (see #’s 10 & 11) I’m such a cliché.

48. I call myself a faux country music fan because I wasn’t really into it until I met Eddie. Now, however, I’m obsessed and it’s almost all that I listen to.  I like the new “pop-pier” stuff though. You can hate me. It’s okay.

49. I have zero desire to eat most fast food, and it’s not even a food snob thing. I just don’t think it tastes that good?

50. I did tae bo religiously in high school. Billy Blanks for life.

51. My first real crush was on Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. I started my blog on the day that he died and reference him in my first post.

52. I loathe almost everything I “create” or write when I look back on it later. I’ve heard this is normal behavior for someone in a creative field but I definitely never consider myself to be a creative person.