tuesday things I howsweeteats.com-1-14

1. I’ve decided it’s high time to incorporate real life spring break into… real life. Like can we just make it a mandatory thing every year, preferably in March?

2. As soon as I’m off the internets here, I’m going to make these peanut butter, coconut + oat banana cookies. SNACKS.

3. I’m sad that the Olympics are over but I’m happy that I can actually get into bed before midnight this week. Don’t they know that secretly inside old people have a difficult time watching ice skating at 11:30 PM without dozing off? (P.S. 27 things you’re really thinking while watching figure skating. I def laughed.)

4. Sooooo I may have crossed the bridge where I no longer need sugar or something sweet in coffee. For this, I hate myself.

5. I’d be okay never seeing another photo of feet on instagram again.

6. Last week I bought an orchid and this week I think I’ve already killed it. WAH. But are we really surprised?

7. It’s 21 degrees outside and I am losing my mind because I want to get outside and WALK. It feels like I haven’t taken a walk in ages (because, well, I haven’t) but in Jessica-speak I guess it’s only been like three months or so. Walks are my decompression time and when I can listen to and belt out my most embarrassing choices of music while the neighbors assume I need to be committed.

8. Is there a dishwasher in the universe that doesn’t take three whole hours to run? Because this is the bane of my existence. Sometimes I have to run the dishwasher two or three times a day which means it’s basically running… the entire day.

9. At this point, I practically want to write a whole separate blog about TV. I gotta say that I really like the new coupling of Marine and a certain someone (I’m trying not to spoil it since you guys want to punch me when I do) on Girls. I mean, still so much secondhand embarrassment but whatever. True Detective… I can’t even. UGH so good. I was in a depressive slump yesterday and I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered that I finished Sons of Anarchy the night before and well, yeah. Obviously. AND! We haven’t finished House of Cards yet. I know. I’m dying. I’m trying to be nice and not watch it without Eddie. Because I always blow through series without him and then nag him until he finishes because I want to discuss. So that’s that.

10. Wait one more thing: what it would be like if Friends used hashtags. BTW, I’m still turning on Friends every night before bed. STILL. Like I think I first wrote about that three years ago. Never gets old.

11. Do you plan fun things for the Oscars, like have a viewing party or what not? I want to have a party but wouldn’t that require staying up super late on a school night? (they will always be school nights.) See #3. What can I do instead?