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So. I always tell you about the blogs and recipes I’m loving, but I rarely share my other faves on social media and what not. Considering I pretty much live on instagram, pinterest and my phone in general, below are what I look at every day or at least a few times a week. These are more than my monthly favorites, they are my constant favorites. Let me tell you about them!

Oh and please tell me yours. Your favorite instas, pinners, apps and everything. Dooo it.

my favorites on instagram? constantly inspired by these people.

vkrees: her photography is to die for! I’ve tried to copy it and i just… can’t. Ii want to be her.

dervlakelly: dervla is one of my good friends and she takes some killer pictures. I just love her eye. Not that that’s weird. She takes awesome photos of NYC.

cannellevanille: such stunning photography I can hardly stand it.

mollyorangette: her pictures. every single one, I adore. but the pictures of her little girl… eek! So cute.

bevcooks: this may be a little biased considering she’s one of my closest friends, but um… have you even seen her captions for her twins? Dead.


I mainly focus on pinterest for my inspiration board, but love all these pins these peeps put out.

top with cinnamon: Izy finds the best foodie content and most gorgeously styled shots.

take a megabite: moral of the story is I pretty much repin everything she pins ever. forever.

kate @ wit and delight: just love her eye for content.

glitter guide: always find lots of fun pins here that go straight on my inspiration board. Give me all the glitter.

caitlin cawley: the mix of everything she pins is like it’s coming right out of my brain. I get it.


Two years ago I shared some of my favorite iphone photo apps, but they’ve changed quite a bit. My most used iphone apps:

VSCO cam: but the old version. I don’t even know if you can still download the old version (you can’t?) but I like it so much better than the new version. I rarely filter photos these days (even that takes too long) but if I use anything, it’s this.

picfx: sometimes I put little sparkles on my instagram pictures. Sometimes I think I’m still 17.

proHDR: this cracks out a sunset photo every day of the week. SO BRIGHT. I love it, but it verges on the edge of fakeness easily.

turboscan: perhaps a boring app, but a necessary one. I use it every week. Like nintendo, I assume one day most kids will ask “what’s a scanner” and I only say that because I ask it. I scan everything electronically. How 2014 of me.

tabata timer: this is awesome for a super quick workout. As assumed, it times you for 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest for 4 minute intervals.


AND. Just to embarrass myself, I thought I’d share my favorite pandora stations. Yes. These are real.

taylor dayne: this is no secret but I’m a Taylor Dayne freak. So much so that we danced to one of her songs at our wedding. From the 80s. When we got married in 2008.

miranda lambert: major girl crush alert. I adore her. Want to be her BFF.

pitbull: get ready for some VERY choice language, but this is the only station that gets me through an intense workout. I’m not kidding on the language. Sometimes I’ve stopped dead in my tracks during a workout and am all WHAT DID THEY JUST SAY?! I’m so old.

TLC: so much 90s goodness here. sometimes I can workout to this station too. More often than not though, it’s dance-party-in-your-kitchen music.

summer hits of the 90s: yep, this is a thing.

I officially belong in two decades ago.