tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Now that spring is, well… springing, I am so back in burger mode. Forget the fact that it’s going to snow tomorrow. #what

2. This cheesy chick flick popcorn? I so want that. Brilliant.

3. Um. So last week I had a dream that I gave birth to a SHARK. Yes, a shark. My BFF asked me if it then turned around ate me and I said, “oh no, I woke up when the fins were coming out.” YEAH. What is my life? (and no, you cryptic dream readers, I am not pregnant.)

4. Kinda flipping out because I am officially getting old. I used to be able to read without the lights on and do things in the dark, and when you’re young, you’re parents always yell and say something like, “turn on a light! how can you see?!” Well. Now I can’t. Now I find myself turning on lights and holding things far away from me so I can read them. I’m done with growing up.

5. Please tell me you’ve seen this 4 year old who makes paper dresses? AMAZE.

6. This past weekend as I was checking out at the grocery store, I noticed the cutest little girl (probably 10 years old or so?) behind me… and looking at me. Since I was in the self checkout line, I assumed she was thinking I was taking FOREVER (because I usually whine about that), but instead she goes “hey! can I help you bag your groceries?” Oh my gosh. She was the cutest thing ever and it melted my heart. I said of course she didn’t have to help me, but thank you so much and she was all “no, I really like to help!” She then went down to the end of my lane and started bagging all of my groceries while her mom waited behind me until I finished. She said her daughter loves to come to the store with her so she can help people bag their groceries. Seriously dying. Just the thought kind of brings tears to my eyes. It was so sweet.

7. Speaking of heart moving… a grandfather wrote his own obituary before passing away. Never did I ever think I’d say this, but it’s funny and if possible… happy.

8. TV Talk: True Detective! So I am happy but shockingly (to myself) kind of sad that it ended that way – maybe I wanted more even more of a cliffhanger? But I’m sure if it ended in a cliffhanger I’d be complaining about that soooo… yeah. Girls was okay but I find myself watching it just waiting for it to be over. Still dying over the Walking Dead – I see so many people saying that it’s boring and that it’s losing steam and I feel the complete opposite. I actually like what they are doing right now because it’s semi-realistic… in an unrealistic world? Whatevs. I like it!

9. We did finish House of Cards and while I’m a crazy person and still rooting for Frank & Claire, I have to ask – what now? Eddie says there is only one way to go from here… down. Ha. Now that I’ve finished a million different shows, what should I watch next? I am already watching Scandal – the current season but also some old ones on netflix at the same time. Because that’s how I roll. And I don’t even like that expression.

10. Spring clothes shopping? It’s all I want to do. Trying to resist. Have you found anything fun? Enable me.