You guys. IT’S ALMOST SPRING! I can feel it. See it. Taste it.

random life slices I

I’m all over it.

Last Wednesday I did a fun thing with a video camera. No no. It’s not how it sounds.

It’s good. It’s for you. Still not how it sounds, but you know. It’s all about spring stuff and food, obviously.

random life slices I

I made some crafts and cooked some food with my friends at delallo and we videotaped it. See? Not what you thought. If you’ve been reading my blog for five minutes you might know that delallo is my favorite place in the universe because, um, THIS:

random life slices I

I want to live in the store.

Also, they make me want to be a bread person. As in, a person who lives for bread. I am not one. Yet.

All last week I lived on eggs-in-holes. So underrated. One of my favorite things ever. In fact, it’s like 9:28PM as I’m writing this and I’m about three seconds away from heating up a skillet and cutting a heart out of my bread for a little egg space. So good.

Can we talk about something else I’ve been consuming almost daily? Spirulina. It tastes like pond scum. Oh yes it does. Also, a terrible side note: mine might almost be expired. Almost being the key word because I haven’t died yet. Anyhoo. I buy mine at Whole Foods. I tend to only drink a few smoothies per week because, hello, I really like to chew my food. I used spirulina ages ago but couldn’t deal, probably because all of my blenders sucked.

This would also probably be a good time to tell you that I got a Vitamix.

random life slices I


I know. I am the biggest hypocrite to ever walk the face of this planet. For years, I have sworn up and down that I would not buy one. I’d very much rather buy a pair of shoes (still true) or a way-too-pricey bag (still very very true) or even take like three trips to Whole Foods (because that’s probably the amount of times it would take to rack up that bill). But. I caved. For a few months after I got it, my Ninja blender was awesome (like the blade cut me multiple times during washing, that’s how sharp it was) and then it majorly dulled. It wouldn’t fully puree things, especially greens like spinach and kale, and if I even THINK that I might have to chew something green in a smoothie? I’m done. Over with.

So I bit the bullet. Not to be confused with the magic bullet, which I also loathed for a time. Yes, it took me going through FOUR different types of blenders in four years to see the light. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you the first time. No more mistakes.

The moral of this very pointless story is that one day last week I felt like absolute garbage. Just run down and blah. So I made a smoothie with some coconut water and spinach and all sorts of good stuff that I normally use and threw in some spirulina. Pond scum smoothie. I felt like a million bucks within an hour. I’m a believer. I’m hooked. Call me a marketer’s dream but No more smoothies without the green stuff. I’ve felt like a dream every single day since.

random life slices I

Hmmm. What else. A few weeks ago we ate at Umi and it was so freaking good that I can’t stop thinking about it. The sawara! The rock shrimp! I’ve been wanting more ever since. Craving craving craving.

random life slices I

That is a gigantic sprig of basil (do we call basil “sprigs?” probably not.) in my cocktail and it was fantastic.

This past Friday I made a massive pot of homemade chicken stock with all organic ingredients and the leftover carcass from a roasted chicken. Simmered it for eight hours. Turned it off to let it cool. Then straight up FORGOT ABOUT IT. Gosh, what is wrong with me? I then remembered when I saw it on Saturday afternoon, hours and hours later. Major bummer. What a flake.

I haven’t been reading much. I know. It stinks. It’s because I’m spending all of my free time on a writing project that is hopefully making my dreams come true. It’s hard. It’s overwhelming!

I get overwhelmed with things and then I just do nothing. It’s a terrible habit/issue.

random life slices I

Say hello to my life. Working on it.

Oh except in my free time I did do some things. Like grill outside (lies, my dad did the grilling). Eat buffalo chicken pizza. Take my BFF some cupcakes for her birthday and also squish her twins’ faces, who happen to be facebaby’s sisters, one of who also happens to be my goddaughter.

And eat my first froyo of the season.

random life slices I

random life slices I

random life slices I

Damn you instagram for ratting me out.

Yesterday I made goat cheese ice cream. Tomorrow I am making a million grilled cheese sandwiches for a bunch of people including invisible internet friends. Today I’m going to lock myself in a room and do nothing until I get everything I need to do done. Make sense?

So. What’s new with you?