tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Bet you don’t know which one is mine. By the way, my husband layers his froyo. Like gets some froyo, adds some toppings, more froyo, more toppings, and so on. And you thought my cup was trashed up. (it so is.)

2. This blood orange gin and tonic. Making me crave summer even more.

3. Also, please serve me this crispy coconut french toast with cherries and dark chocolate. That just kills me.

4. So, I cannot get over the Malaysia┬áplane disappearance. I hate using the word “fascinated” because it doesn’t seem appropriate in a tragedy, but that is the best word I can use to describe my mind on it. It’s pretty much all I will talk to Eddie about and the minute I wake up in the morning or heck, even from a nap, I’m all “have they found the plane? what’s going on with the plane?!” I can’t even fathom being a family waiting for answers. My heart is breaking. I can’t stop flipping out over this. Like where is it? Why is this not being covered in the media 24/7?!

5. On a completely unrelated superficial note, I shared this on facebook last week but it’s THAT good: according to pinterest, crimped hair is making a comeback. I might die of happiness. I hope it’s for real.

6. Oh and since I’m stuck in 1986 you should also know that two days ago I bought a pair of STIRRUP PANTS. I mean, they are legit. From Victoria’s Secret. Like yoga pants. But you know.

7. The internet has made me grammatically challenged. So much so that I had to google that word.

8. I’m sure you need a bad example in your life today, so I’ll tell you that this week kicks off another one of ulta’s 21 days of beauty.

9. I thought that Walking Dead was SO insanely good this week and can we talk about what an amazing actress Melissa McBride is? And how crazy gorgeous she is with that hair? If you saw her on the Talking Dead… so pretty. How are there only two episodes left? It doesn’t make sense. I also still don’t understand why everyone is freaking out about how scary/sad/whatever it can be. That’s kind of the whole point. It’s not going to get better and I doubt there will be a happy ending, ever – right? And um, three seconds into Girls, I needed to cover my eyes (and ears). But I want to be best friends with Elijah. And record the Hannah work scene forever and ever to tell my future children NEVER DO THIS.

10. Oh one more TV thing, you know how Sandra Oh is leaving Grey’s? Then I saw that they are bringing Burke back? I am having a heartichoke that they are killing her off. Just no. I mean, why else would Burke come back? Just end the show. Why do I not even care about this show and then get sucked back in come Spring? I hate my emotional investment.

11. I’m debating whether it would be inappropriate to paint my nails in public today while I wait for my car to be inspected. Is this crossing the line?