tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Why yes. That would be a cupcake with peanut butter and chocolate and bacon. And banana. It’s from the carbcation I took to DC over the weekend. Totally face smash worthy.

2. This romesco grilled cheese with gruyere and watercress. I die. Feed me please.

3. I pretty much spent the entire night last night elbowing, punching and kicking Eddie mid-sleep to stop his snoring. Hashtag we still don’t have a king sized bed.

4. Probably going to forgive him though because he discovered over the weekend that he LIKES GUACAMOLE! This is huge. I mean, of course, I knew that he would love it all along. But now… he knows.

5. Just put these on repeat: 18 songs from the 90s you grew up singing but shouldn’t have. Um, second hand embarrassment. Right there. (also like half of these are on my TLC pandora station. )

6. I’m at war with the weather. I don’t care how cliche I am. Snow tonight makes me want to take a long walk off a short pier.

7. Not only has the internet destroyed my grammar, but it’s also made me want to write and type everything in lowercase. It just looks so much… prettier.

8. I’m about 13 seconds away from buying this jacket. Seriously?! Wait. Am I 31 or 13?

9. So what did you guys think of the GIRLS finale? I kinda like it, besides feeling it was somewhat uneventful. But I’m hoping this is the first step to Hannah not being so horrifyingly cringe worthy. I’m so excited for the Walking Dead finale this Sunday but am trying to figure out who will die or who I can live without and preparing myself for emotional devastation. I’m also probably going to rewatch the West Wing again because I REALLY can’t get out of 2005.