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I have tons of Trader Joe’s faves on the list, but let’s start with the most important: the new frozen green figs! I am so psyched for these. I have no idea what I will do with them (besides shove them all in my face) or if they are seasonal, but I freaked. Love.

Uh. This is an odd one, but I’m loving the Method summer collection of foaming soaps at Target. I stocked up on vanilla creme and brambleberry gelato (omg)… and I think there is some orange ginger soap too? There is also body wash but I’m not too into that. The foaming hand soap is where it’s at.

If you follow me on instagram then you know I’ve been losing it over this candle. Totally adore it. It smells amazing.

Even though I whined last week about my lack of reading, I read Robin Roberts’ book because I majorly love her. So inspiring.

Still deep in my country music phase and I just put Play It Again on repeat along with Clockwork and Meanwhile Back at Mama’s (I’m such a sucker!). But I’m also blasting Ariana Grande’s Problem and Paramore’s Aint it Fun along with Iggy Azalea’s Fancy because apparently I think I’m 21. I’m really just waiting with baited breath for my bestie Miranda Lambert’s new album to come out in June. Oh yeah and last month I was downloading Bette Midler songs SO WHO EVEN AM I.

Absolutely loving this cropped black jacket from BCBG. I bought it at the beginning of the month and it’s definitely pricey, but a staple piece. It has some leather detail but not enough to be too fall-like, and the jacket is actually a sort of mesh? It’s difficult to explain, but it’s perfect in this weather – where it’s not warm enough outside and definitely chilly at night.

Another random TJ’s favorite is their bag of gluten free chocolate chip cookies. No, neither of us are gluten free but they were on display while I was waiting to check out and the term “crispy” sold me. Oh my gosh. These are crispy crunchy. We’ve since gone through two bags. Enter weird emoji face here.

I’m still liking smoothies but, um… I’ve removed some of the greenery. Ha. Of course. The above had strawberries and coconut water, coconut milk and even frozen (fresh) coconut meat I found in the freezer section of whole foods. This week I’m making one with tons of blueberries, mango, coconut water, chia seeds and vanilla beans. So good!

A little torn on TV faves this month since I’m not watching a ton and Nashville had a big break… but oddly enough I might say dancing with the stars. I totally feel like my mom. But I’ve really been liking this season, even though I wish Brooke Burke was back and I think they have done so many stupid things to the show. Also, Eddie and I watch Shark Tank like there is no tomorrow. If there is a marathon on, we’re glued to the couch for hours.

Final oldie but goodie Trader Joe’s item: the strawberry yogurt o’s. This is my favorite cereal ever and I’ll buy it once in awhile even though we can devour it in a day. So.freaking.good.

Loving all things maxi dresses right now with the warmer weather coming, but especially ones from h&m and target. I want like every single one. Along with these my favorite nude wedges have come back – I have a Sam Edelman pair I always talked about last year that I pretty much wore into the ground (as I do every summer) so I’m looking for some new ones this year.

I’ve got to go with some homemade iced coffee, but I’m more so talking about iced coffee with this fresh mint syrup I made at the beginning of the month. OH MY GOSH. I love this stuff so much. It’s so… so… fresh. Cue eye roll.

Still really going nuts over the Nerdist podcasts. I seriously love them.

The return of cantaloupe bowls. I’ve been lucky in finding some ripe cantaloupes and I love scooping out the seeds, filling the center with vanilla yogurt, cereal, strawberries, honey and those trader joe’s toasted almonds and digging in. GAH.

Big ass vases of fresh flowers. Sounds so cliche but they are seriously improving my days. It’s a weekly thing now.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]