tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We are totally obsessed with gigantic bowls of fruit right now. I cut up the above bowl on Sunday and within hours over a quarter of it was gone. Summah in a bowl.

2. How insanely adorable are these layered whole fruit pops? I want I want!

3. Also, these mint julep popsicles need to appear in my life stat.

4. George Clooney. Are you punking us?

5. Last week they released the cast of Jem! Shockingly I wasn’t chosen even though I have the pink wig. They did not take my six years of Halloween photos into consideration.

6. I really wish the instagram popular page was still the instagram popular page. Eddie and I used to find that craziest stuff on there like cheerleading stunt videos gone wrong and inappropriate meme jokes.

7. Um, 26 moments that no 90s kid will ever forget. I still do #19, like ALL the time. I’ve talked for years how I doodle and destroy any sheet of paper near me and it used to drive my mom crazy. Serial doodler here.

8. I was actually super into Mad Men this week, but how much did you want to punch Betty in the face? I am totally horrified that Burke is coming back to Grey’s and I’m really hoping that this ends with Cristina and Owen riding off into the sunset and forgetting all of their problems and maybe in another year or two pulling an ER-like ending. Make it happen! AND I’m really happy that Nashville is new this week and I hope they get Scarlett back on a likeable track because man, she is just whiney and annoying now.

9. The best lip sync battle ever.

10. You guys totally made my day yesterday regarding my book. I want to squish you in ten thousand hugs. Sap moment.