Real Life Wednesday: Best Week Ever.

Oh my gosh. Um sooo. This past weekend was one of the hardest secrets I’ve ever had to keep!

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that my brother got engaged to one of my most favorite people in the universe. It was a mini fairytale and I’m going to tell you all about it… in a second.

First, I have to talk about food. Of course.

Since we were going to Cleveland for the proposal, I convinced everyone to stop at Jeni’s on our way there.

Ugh. This ice cream is such a dream. I adore it so much.

Also, can we talk about how cute the Jeni’s stores are? Adorable.

Anyhoo, I had to get the buttermint because it’s one of my favorites (I even made a version for the blog) and the marshmallow birch, which was sort of like root beer with marshmallows.

Eddie got the goat cheese that I just talked about two weeks ago and he and my dad actually got back in line for seconds before thinking twice. Jeni’s has nice little portions. Like you could probably eat five of them.

After our ice cream, we headed to the spot for the surprise engagement party. First, can I tell you how impossible it’s been for me to look Mary in the eye without bursting with excitement? She worked with me all day on this video back in early March and then a few weeks later we went to DC for the weekend.

I was so afraid I was accidentally going to say something and blow the surprise.

So the deets (and I hate that word): Andy had all of us (friends & fam) meet at a supper club for the surprise party. Mary’s sister, Caitlin, planned the whole thing and did these gorgeous flower arrangements and the cutest menu and little mason jar candles and it was perfection. Most adorable thing ever.

We all watched giddily from inside as Andy and Mary pulled up and parked, with Mary thinking she was meeting her family for dinner. But he grabbed her arm before she walked towards the club and put her on a golf cart, drove her to a gazebo on the lake, and gave her a heather moore charm for her necklace that said “marry me.” Then he proposed and she was shocked and we were all still waiting incredibly impatiently for them to walk back.

That was her next surprise, the engagement party. It was so perfect and fun and #omg.

That was that… and her utter shock was the best part.

Sooo. I can’t go before telling you about delicious brunch on Sunday at Coco Café.

Fresh juice, coconut zucchini bread, avocado omelets, melty brie challah French toast and smoked salmon eggs benny on potato latkes. So freaking good. Wanted to eat it all until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Like. Just shut up.

And a donut after. Obviously.

I’m also sort of freaking out over this idea of a “starter” at brunch (i.e. the zucchini bread). Why am I not doing this… like always? And that french toast. I can’t even take life anymore. It was ridiculous.