You guys! Life is currently boring but so busy but so good. I have little to share this week but figured I’d tell you some random things we did.

We dyed Easter eggs like the five year olds that we still are. Yes, I realize that one day I think I’m sixty five and the next I act like I’m seven, but I don’t really know how else to deal with it besides continuing to do my childish and elderly things.

Many of you asked on instagram how we get the eggs so bright. My mom’s trick is to leave the eggs in the dye a super long time. Like the Sandlot. I’m talking at least 30 minutes, maybe even longer. Dyeing eggs in our family is like a six hour process. My mom says that even when were we younger and impatient and wouldn’t want to let the eggs sit in the dye, after we went to bed or got bored, she’d sit and redip the eggs until they were super bright and neon.

I did not inherit that patience.

But I did make lobster mac and cheese. I don’t know. Somewhere along the weird way it became something we do on good Friday, so I did it. I have a reeeeeally old recipe for this on my site (it’s quite horrifying actually, one of the first I ever posted) but don’t measure anything and have tweaked it along the way. The one had six cheeses: mascarpone, fontina, havarti, sharp white cheddar, parmigiano-reggiano and gruyere. Best combo ever.

Over the course of five days I ate one million and seven jelly beans. Approximately. FRUIT ONLY.

Random things:

Last week I did things like finish up another round of book edits and continuously doubt myself for 300 pages. IT WAS AWESOME. Just kidding. Sort of. Maybe.

My lack of reading lately is sickening! I did read Rob Lowe’s new book last week because, um, hello I adore Rob Lowe. I didn’t like it as much as the first one and felt like it jumped all over the place, but I liked it well enough. I want to read Robin Roberts’ new book because I really like her too, and then I may move on to a new one by Jane Green along with fifty thousand others on my list. I read like a third of a page and then fall asleep.

And last night we spontaneously watched Life of Pi and I can’t believe we sat and watched a one man show for that long. But it was so good. I’d like a pet tiger now. Along with the pet elephant I’ve wanted since watching Water for Elephants years ago.

So yeah. This past week was super snoozy & I have little to share aside from things that I already instagrammed. It was such a gorgeous weekend and I rarely whipped out my phone for some photos. I think that’s a good thing. Livin’ life! Next week I won’t make you fall asleep half way through a post. Swear.