tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m currently obsessed with the idea of painting thick mint strips on my wall. I can’t even paint on a piece of paper, let alone a wall.

2. How insanely gorgeous are these bubble gum cupcakes? I can’t even. So fun.

3. Um, this needs to happen in my life. Beyonce dance class. What what.

4. We ate lunch at Chipotle for, like, the first time in over a year (or more?) this past weekend and it was so good. I have literally wanted it for every meal since saturday afternoon. I’m using literally properly because it’s true.

5. I am so thrilled I no longer have to see or hear that creepy McDonald’s filet o’ fish commercial.

6. Totally losing it over the Jersey Boys movie trailer. GAH. My inner 60-year old just died.

7. With lent being over, I went through a drive-thru yesterday to get iced coffee and promptly felt like I had taken some sort of drug.

8. I still thought this week’s episode of Mad Men was rather boring, I’m kind of BS watching Game of Thrones because there is nothing else on, I’m annoyed (just accidentally wrote “annoying,” I’m that too) that Nashville is doing some “concert” this week instead of a real show even though I’ll secretly love it and watch it three times and wish it was my real life and I’m really sad now that Cristina is leaving Grey’s soon and she’s one of the only reason’s I keep it on as background noise. I do love all your TV suggestions in the comments from last week though.

9. Okay this made me laugh out loud. 10 female shoes and what they are trying to say. Also, I just spelled it “femail.” WTF is wrong with me.

10. I am equal parts jealous and horrified at the crop tops that scream Kelly Kapowski all over the place right now. But mostly jealous.