tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Fresh flowers are like my gateway drug to spring right now.

2. This no churn mint chocolate ice cream needs to appear in my kitchen like five minutes ago.

3. Uh, can we talk about my old obsession with MTV’s spring break? Please tell me you remember it in all it’s glory, specifically early mornings where it would simply be video of a bunch of bikini clad people dancing and grinding around a tropical pool area. My brothers and I LOVED when it was spring break time and I remember waiting what felt like weeks for it. Why??? The only thing more embarrassing than all of that is the fact that I kind of miss it.

4. It probably means that you’re a real loser when you walk through Target and wish that the kids summer clothing came in your size.

5. Over the weekend I ordered room service (I know) which happened to be a salad (I know, this just keeps getting worse) and I asked for no chicken because I just wasn’t feeling it and oh – it came without the chicken, but it came complete with a lovely large FLY in my greens that seriously almost ended up in my mouth had I not taken extra care to look at the certain bite of salad I was about to consume. Still scarred.

6. My reading has been sorely lacking lately, meaning that I’ve read a few books but haven’t had the time to really sit down and blow through stories like I usually prefer to do. However, Rob Lowe’s newest memoir comes out today and I sort of have a life crush on him and I wrote about his first book on here like two or three years ago and I’ve kinda sorta maybe been waiting for.ev.ER for this book to come out and I’m not sure what that makes me? Besides unproductive, because I’m going to read the entire thing today.

7. A few people alerted me to the wonderfulness of the a beautiful mess app on my iPhone over the weekend, and I’m wondering why it took so long for me to find this perfection. The level of trashiness on my iPhone photos just increased ten fold.

8. Most of my favorite TV shows are over or on a mini hiatus, but of course I watched the ACM awards while wishing that I was living it. Miranda Lambert, why aren’t we friends? And no, I do not watch Game of Thrones. I’ve tried of course… I just can’t get into it. I know. Flame me. Just don’t be surprised at my wretched taste.

9. Please tell me you’ve seen the slam poetry reading Samuel L Jackson did of Boy Meets World. Why can’t I get out of the 90s? I’m dying.

10. Speaking of TV stuff, you know how I loved to watch the Talking Dead after the Walking Dead? Mostly because I really like Chris Hardwick? I finally discovered his Nerdist podcast and let’s just say it’s been my background noise of choice for the last week. So many fun people are on it. Like Tom Hanks!

11. I’m really into run-on sentences today. Apologies.