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Kinda sorta mayba want a pair of jelly shoes even though I could never pull them off, but of course I just want to pretend like it’s 1989 again. I saw these over the weekend and not only are they JELLY but they are GLITTERY. They are hideous but part of me wants them anyway. I don’t think I’d ever wear them though, except in the presence of myself. Embarrassing. Do you hate me for it? I hate me for it.

Last week my favorite face baby turned three years old which is incredibly depressing because time is flying by soooo fast. His faces are quite ridiculous as usual but it’s tough for me to get a shot now since he moves so fast. The best part of his birthday was every time he pulled something out of a bag or opened a gift he kept screaming “oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” I mean… screaming.

These tacos  below (from edgars in the strip) are seriously some of my favorite tacos ever – but what made it even better is that I ordered some strawberry agua fresca and they basically give it to you in bucket. Okay okay, not a bucket, but it’s easily a large cup. And it’s so freaking good. I’ve always been weird about flavored drinks – for some reason I have always preferred water which is why I had a hard time starting to drink coffee. But this fresca. OMG. I’m dreaming about it. Go get it if you’re in Pittsburgh. (as a sidebar we’ve also deemed the cookies and cream donut from peace love little donuts our favorite. Yes, over everything else. It’s only taken a few years to figure out. If we’re talking appearances though: then duh, rainbow sprinkles.)

RLW I howsweeteats.com

I really want this million dollar vertical herb garden because I’m convinced that since I can’t keep herbs alive, this will. It kind of seems like a nightmare though. Of course I want it, so it can do the work for me. Typical millennial. Don’t worry, I won’t cave. I’d rather buy shoes anyway.

I finally updated my goodreads account last week – after I finished Emily Giffin’s the one and only. Oh my. If you’re been within earshot of me in the last week, I’ve given you an earful about the book. I don’t even know. The book made me feel so uncomfortable but at the same time I couldn’t put it down. It just felt so wrong. I’m all about “unallowed” (did I make that word up? the correct word has evaded me all week.) love stories as a hopefully romantic, but this just seemed borderline inappropriate. And there were like, never any reservations about it being borderline inappropriate, no real struggles from either character about oh this may be weird, you’ve kind of been my DAD. Just like it was natural. Did you read this? If so, please give me an earful. I’m still trying to get over it. I even reread portions of it. I can’t decipher my feelings on what a mess it was. OH WELL. Today I’m starting Molly’s Delancey!

Have you tried this cheese chocolate? Yes, I saw cheese chocolate. I’m kind of in love, even if it consists of black pepper which I’m not a huge fan of. But for years I’ve talked about one of my favorite snacks being a few pieces of chocolate, some parmesan blend (preferably merlot soaked!) and more sweet or savory snacks. No cheese plate is complete without a little chocolate. Truth.

I’m having a weird biscoff-on-toast moment. But then I have to beat into my head that IT’S NOT PEANUT BUTTER. It’s cookies. You want to eat cookies for breakfast. (who doesn’t?)