on life lately and a list.

life right now is oh-so good. here are some things we’ve been doing the last few weeks!

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We went to arts fest last weekend and I HAD to get this lemonade or else I was going to die. It sounded so good – first lemonade of the season… check. Considering I am a child though I only made it halfway through before my teeth started to feel weird. Do you know what I’m saying? Please tell me you know what I’m saying.

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Right after that we had to go to meat + potatoes because Eddie was going to spontaneously combust if he didn’t eat righthisveryminute and because it’s his favorite.


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Short rib flatbread and fried pickles (that he stole from me and DEVOURED. see yesterday.) … and um, can you say soft shell crab BLT? Yes. It was ridiculous and as incredible as it sounds. It needs to be in my life always always always.

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And let me tell you about this dessert which is like the old school pretzel-jello-cool whip salad but a million times better with pretzels, cheesecake-like filling and real strawberries. Dead dead dead. I want to recreate it. But the regular stuff is pretty good too. And so fabulously 90s.

Guess what I still haven’t done? Planted any herbs. We did, however, plant lots of flowers a few weeks ago. And when I say “we,” I really just mean Eddie. Because he had was set on it being done that very morning and I had more important things to do like visit the Nordstrom anniversary sale. (Very disappointing, btw.) No, but really, he planted the prettiest flowers and it only took him a few minutes. I would have taken a week. 

I’ve been making kombucha cocktails! For some reason, I could never get on board even though I love kombucha. I’ve used my favorite gingerade flavor and vodka and citrus and sometimes mint and sometimes simple syrup. I’m in looooooove. I really want to try some with the synergy strawberry serenity favorite which is the other flavor I tend to enjoy.

Miranda Lambert’s new album has been on BLAST… while I’m cooking, while I’m driving, even while I’m working out because some songs are so upbeat. Can’t get enough.

One day my mom and I went to whole foods and spent an hour just walking around and then went home and ate a huge baguette with this cheese. And some sour cherry jam. It was wonderful.

A few weeks ago we had some good old comfort food meaning I had some white trash nachos. Okay, probably not TOTALLY white trash because I don’t think they were microwaved (my preparation of choice) but they were close. And fabulous, of course. I like this picture because it’s the epitome of my fave kid snack.

life lately I howsweeteats.com

I’m trying to convince Eddie to go see Maleficent which I had no desire in seeing until everybody started talking about it. I’m quite easily influenced. I sort of want to see the Fault in our Stars too but I’m also not sure how I feel about bawling my eyes out for a day. And I’m not even a crier but after reading the book I’m just assuming. It might be a movie I go see by myself one day at like noon. It’s on my summer bucket list!

On Monday, my friend Ashley came and met me for breakfast/lunch at Marty’s and it was the best lunch ever. Read: the kind where you BS for so long that the server is at your table multiple times before you order and then you overstay your welcome and still need a water refill long after you’ve paid your bill because you can’t stop talking. You know, the best!

life lately I howsweeteats.com

life lately I howsweeteats.com

These fries were the saltiest, most perfect thing in the universe.

Finally, I jacked this little list from Bri and James‘ blogs to fill out myself. As in… things I’m looking forward to right now. Present and future! I totally think you should also fill it out in the comments. SO FUN.

Eating / perfect caprese with ripe, juicy tomatoes and burrata. Grilled sweet corn.
Drinking / this is embarrassing. strawberry beergaritas. like in a can. and – watermelon lemonade.
Practicing / yoga yoga yoga. one of the only thing that makes me feel sane.
Mastering / a semi-domestic, let’s-not-live-like-college-slobs cleaning schedule. don’t i always talk about this? i do. i feel guilty hiring someone else to clean when i don’t have children and could/should easily spend my free time doing so.
Learning / to go with my gut.
Trying / to live in the moment and not be a control freak.
Playing / with my BFF’s babies (face baby & his THREE sisters). um – two weeks ago we spent the day together, went and got ice cream where he promptly ordered a cone with rainbow sprinkles. is he my child?
Finishing / a container of pistachio gelato. aka, the best.
Reading / The Matchmaker! just started it last night. you know I wait allll year for Elin’s books and them promptly ruin it by finishing them in 24 hours.
Remembering / my (paternal) grandma. sometimes it hits me at random times and i tear up in embarrassing places.
Wearing / dresses and skirts every day of the week. it’s hot.
Cooking / everything on the grill. can’t stop won’t stop.
Working / as hard as i can forever and ever – only doing things i love. (or things i must as a responsible adult. hmpf.)
Traveling / to nantucket. i’m still dreaming over it and can’t stop. i google pics and look at the nantucket instagram hashtag.
Wanting / the most simple and precious things to be enough. it’s tough in this world today! also, in non-important things, for people to stop posting their blurry personal photos on facebook. even when they are sober. no. just no.