tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It’s JUNE? What is happening with this world. I don’t get it.

2. Totally craving this roasted strawberry lemonade right this second. It looks ridiculous.

3. I wasn’t always an ice cream person, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become a huge soft-serve-with-sprinkles ice cream person. So for my first cone of the season I got a medium which I COULDN’T EVEN FINISH. I feel so elderly.

4. Are there any tops in the world right now that aren’t crop tops? I don’t think so.

5. Eddie wanted me to clarify that his Tom Hanks dislike that I mentioned last week (seriously, what?) only comes from the fact that he is the same character in every movie. I would have to disagree. Eddie says he is like Vince Vaughn. Who I also happen to like in a mind-numbing movie kind of way. I have excellent taste, clearly.

6. The possibility of lightening bugs in the evening right now has me giddy. I really don’t know my age I guess.

7. In one of those moods again where I want to chop off my hair. This happens approximately three times a year and then I fear that I won’t be able to pile it on top of my head anymore. (i.e. do nothing with it.)

8. TV things! Okay so I’m still reeling from the Mad Men finale over a WEEK ago, what is wrong with me? I did watch Mistresses last night in my own little private embarrassment and ummm… I really liked it. I just want Savi back with her husband because is he not the cutest? What else. I’m still catching the old episodes of Big Love that are playing on HBO and OMG – somewhat movie related – I wanted The Normal Heart on HBO with Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer – ahhhhh. They are such great actors. Such a good movie. Seriously tugged at my heart strings. I’m just anxiously awaiting the final season of True Blood (which I’m sure will crush my soul like the last three seasons) and the release of Orange is the New Black (which I don’t love anywhere near as much as House of Cards, meh, it’s okay, but gives me something to do at like 10PM when I edit photos.).

9. 21 facts about pitch perfect. Um, can the second movie just be out right NOW?