tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I feel like I’m about 65 years old because I’m making EGG SALAD for lunch. I can’t decide if I feel like my mom or my grandma or both. If you have a to-die-for recipe for egg salad or a secret ingredient, please send it now because my eggs are boiling. Just no celery. Never.

2. Desperately wish this peanut butter bourbon milkshake would appear in front of my face. QUIT IT!

3. Had a dream last night that I made the most KILLER chocolate peanut butter ice cream, just like Kilwin’s. I was quite depressed to wake up and realize it wasn’t real. Is it an omen?!

4. Um. Apparently there are NEW EMOJIS!!! But still no bacon. How on earth is that even possible? I don’t even care about the new ones without bacon. Who is in charge here.

5. I can’t stop eating cherries. I’ve already been tricked twice thinking I had about $5 worth when I really had $13 dollar worth. I don’t even care. They are so juicy right now. Also, I feel the way about “juicy” that most people do about “moist.” There I said it.

6. My inner hopeless romantic is losing it over these Notebook-themed engagement photos. In my secret brain I’m thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”

7. We are still pacing ourselves with Orange is the New Black and while I am still liking it more than I did last season, most of the time I want to gag. I’m not into Mistresses as much as I thought I’d be. Are you watching it? I watched the finale of Game of Thrones even though I barely understood it but you know I hate to be left out. And this Sunday night starts our True Blood parties which is really just a lazy glutton fest. Cannot.wait.

8. I am, however, kind of having a heart attack after hearing that Now and Then may be made into a TV show. But but but… isn’t it going to be tough to reach a certain demographic since the people who adored the movie as kids are like… 30 now?

9. 10 ways you’re making life harder than it has to be. GAH. Love this.