tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1.Totally freaking over these roasted sugar snap peas with sea salt and mint. I might add feta? AH. Craving.

2. On Saturday my husband had a Five Guys burger for lunch… like one with the double patty. On Saturday night he had another double burger for a late dinner. He still had a visible eight pack. I hate him. Faceplant.

3. We’ve wanted strawberry agua fresca for weeks but I insist on using organic strawberries and would need like six pounds of them, so I turned that watermelon up there into the lovely drink instead. Gone in an instant.

4. I miiiiiight be chopping off my hair today. Might. Maybe.


6. You know when there is a giant fly that’s on it’s last legs flying around your house buzzing incessantly and YOU CAN’T CATCH IT? Fly wars have been my life the last three days. Losing my mind.

7. I’m thinking a massive cheese plate (with lots of other snacks on it of course) is going to be dinner tonight. Crossing it off my summer bucket list.

8. We saw Jersey Boys over the weekend and the entire time I was just like NO… NO… no no no no. Was not a fan. Maybe if I see it again I will like it a little more? I just felt like it was soooo slow. The first hour I was dying. If the entire movie was like the ending number right before the credits, I would have been a happy camper. That being said, I did really love the cast.

9. In more depressing on-screen news, I also was so disappointed in True Blood but I guess that’s to be expected. Thought it was terrible. I’ve barely had anything to watch late at night! That’s why I’ve been reading my face off. And at first I wasn’t interested in watching The Leftovers but now I think I might be game?

10. Um we are halfway to Christmas. STOP.