Is it really almost the 4th of July? OMG. This is making me have heart palpitations.  Almost like the heart palpitations I’m having at night because neighbors are shooting off fireworks around 11PM and like clockwork I panic and ask Eddie if they are gunshots. No I’m not lying and yes I’m an idiot.

on a wednesday stream of consciousness I

First important question: do you put chips ON your sandwich? Because if you don’t you’re missing out on life. I started doing this on Sundays when we’d sit in Mother Lovett’s kitchen and I’d MICROWAVE a deli ham sandwich with a slice of cheese on a potato roll. Then shove chips inside. Don’t worry, I’ve graduated to putting kettle cooked chips on better sandwiches than that.

My go-to old school after dinner snack has been a few squares of green and blacks milk chocolate (GAH) dipped in peanut butter because I’m pretending like it’s 2001 again when I broke up with someone and survived on nothing for two days but peanut butter, a few chocolate chips and a handful of cheeze-it’s. Thank god that lasted for like 48 hours before I realized it was the best thing to ever happen to my life ever in the universe. My go-afternoon snack has been some kombucha or green juice with a few slices of rum runner cheese and a handful of peanut butter filled pretzels.

Whoever created those is the devil. You hear me? DEV-IL. Only slightly less evil than the person that proceeded to cover them in chocolate and sell them in a bag.

Speaking of covering things in chocolate I want to cover grapes in chocolate and eat them for a snack. I’m into it. Have you done this?

on a wednesday stream of consciousness I

Another weird happening is that we have been having breakfast for dinner fairly consistently (almost once a week) and I AM NOT THE ONE MAKING IT! It’s awesome. Eddie has been making it and is still cooking his pancakes in bacon grease… every couple times. So we don’t have heart attacks. If you saw the jar of bacon grease in my fridge you would die. Possibly literally and figuratively. It’s almost like I need one of those ball jar juice dispensers to contain it.

Just kidding. Kind of.

on a wednesday stream of consciousness I howsweeteats.comBecause. You know. ^^^^^ {via}

Oh and you know how I always whine about not liking tomato sauce and stuff? Well after tasting the spaghetti and meatballs at E2 on Friday night, my mind might slightly be changed. They are ridiculous. As is the grilled bread and the four thousand spoonfuls of white beans with sage that I shoveled into my mouth, along with the grilled romaine (one of the better ones I’ve had) and the beignets and I could go on and on.

I want to eat EVERYTHING I see on this blog. I also want to be able to take photographs like that, but that would most likely require patience and not throwing a massive tantrum after about four minutes of standing on a chair and moving one plate two inches to the left.

Um, you should probably try that blackaberry mojito green tea lemonade at Starbucks or whatever the heck the ridiculous long name is. I know. I’m a slave. It’s delicious and refreshing but oh does it quite possibly have caffeine in it? Because I drank one last night at like 6PM and then I ended up being awake all night long a la Lionel Richie style, but it could totally be in my neurotic head. It also made me slightly shaky but that could have been because I was ready to EAT dinner. It was weird. But GOOD. (Must make my own. Tell me how please.)

P.S. strawberries are so good right now that I made a batch of fresh strawberry margaritas and I believe it stands tall as my favorite cocktail on this blog. Love love. I hate to be annoying but it does get rave reviews.

on a wednesday stream of consciousness I

I ended up finishing two books this week, one being love with a chance of drowning that I was talking about last week. I really enjoyed the story and then got hooked on the author’s blog well into the middle of the night. And I’ve actually been keeping up with goodreads and trying to review books as I go! I do it to procrastinate on real life chores.

The other one I finished is all fall down and I just didn’t love it. I usually like what Jennifer Weiner writes but I struggled getting into this story and prefer more feel-good tales. Say what you will about my simple preferences. I read to ESCAPE.

And and and! Yesterday I learned that you can preorder Andie’s book and after dropping everything I did just that and you probably should too. Remember her amazing ted talk I told you about a few weeks ago? It can’t be passed up! So many exclamation points.

I did end up chopping my hair yesterday but just right past my shoulders. I love it. I will instagram a pic today and break my no-selfie-because-I’m-over-30 rule for you.