tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I call this: thee snack.

2. It was 55 degrees this morning, which I decided called for a cup of HOT coffee, my first in months. With whipped cream obviously. Not going to sugar coat it either: I love weather like this.

3. How does this toblerone ice cream cake exist? And more importantly, why isn’t it in my freezer?

4. I finally opened some of those restoration hardware catalogs that were delivered to my house in brick form. They are now ruining my life. Who has a 21K nursery? That’s what I want to know.

5. I’ve eaten like three pounds of blueberries in two days. I feel like I’m going to turn into Violet Beauregarde.

6. As if my crush on Robin Wright wasn’t already huge enough. This happened.

7. Whaaaaaat is going to happen on True Blood? Or wait, does it really matter as long as Eric lives? Also, some of those scenes in the The Leftovers force me to put my hands over my face. Like the first scene. That was utterly awful. I would prefer a Justin-Theroux-in-uniform-only show please. Surprise surprise. I didn’t get to watch Masters of Sex yet this week. I’m kind of buried in boxes. BUT I have of course found time to watch reruns of the West Wing on my laptop. And did you see the trailer for the Walking Dead? AHHH! Cannot wait. As well as with Boardwalk Empire. Have I been watching anything else lately?? No no, not really. I can’t wait for fall TV. But I did tell Eddie that I was concerned about traveling soon and missing my favorite shows. I am such a loser.

8. Sadly this sums up many of the text messages between myself and those close to me. I have learned to stop googling any and all symptoms about, well, everything.

9. If you have an extra 40 minutes, you can hang out with me on the the lively show. I can’t listen because I am embarrassed of myself. palm -> face.

10. All I want to do in life is make legit homemade rainbow sherbet. It is seemingly impossible. I MIGHT have it for you next week. Just wait.

11. One more thing!! You have three more days to enter to win a signed copy of my cookbook – AND get a signed book plate if you preorder. Smooches.