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Hiiiii. Here’s a little update.

I skipped my July food + fun favorites this month because I knew I wanted to share the pregnancy things I’d loved up until now since I’m more than halfway and it just seemed a bit repetitive with my beauty faves. But. THIS SHIRT. I’ve been living in it. Like literally wearing it days and days at a time. It’s so comfortable and just perfect for running errands when it’s hot outside but freezing inside. Flipping.love.it. It’s probably because we haven’t had that 90 degree heat wave yet… um and I just heard that we may not have it at all. Hello, music to my ears.

Ever since making these mussels, they has been ALL I’ve wanted. And it’s an equal split – I want the mussels just as much as the bread and coconut curry broth so it’s like the best of both worlds. I probably won’t be cooking anything until next week sooo… I just gotta suck it up and wait.

Another snack I’ve been going crazy over are the coconut and tart cherry versions of noosa. UGH. They are new to my grocery store and you can bet I picked them up immediately. Um – tart cherry yogurt WITH all the cherries? Just kill me. I want it all day. Oh and can I tell you that I bought a croissant at starbucks the other day and they warmed it up and it was so incredibly good? I couldn’t believe it.

Must give you an update on my whitney english planner – I still adore it. It is filled to the brim with things for the next three months and it has truly saved my life. I still love it more than any planner I’ve had and it’s just cute and compact enough that it doesn’t stick out in my kitchen like a sore thumb – plus it’s black and white striped. Uh, enough said. I talked about it a lot back in January and it’s been the planner I’ve consistently used. I also bought her life planner at the time and have totally loved it too. It’s much more in depth – requires work and details into your goal setting – but if you’re goal-oriented and entrepreneurial, it’s perfect. I hope it’s coming back for next year. And in another week or two, I’ll do an update on my vision board from the beginning of the year – which sorta changed but sorta didn’t after finding out I had a bun in the oven.

I just gotta say that one of the most overwhelming experiences is searching for a mattress and attempting to purchase one. We finally bought a king bed set now that we are moving, yes many of you have asked (and if you’ve been around for the last five years… then you know this is a looooong time coming) and holy crap – why is everything *king* like a million dollars more? Yeah yeah I know. Don’t answer that. I almost had a heartichoke when I looked at a king featherbed. Two words: ree.diculous. And the mattress choosing was near impossible and probably not something an eternally-uncomfortable-insomniac pregnant person should be picking out, but I did just that. P.S. I’d rather buy shoes. But I guess those aren’t a 20+ year investment. (yeah, right.)

Can you tell me where I can find some gorgeous bedding? I’m having a heck of a time. Can’t find anything that’s to-die-for. I like to keep things fairly simple and white (maybe ivory) and puffy and add some color with pillows and what not, but have you seen something that you L_O_V_E love? If so, pass it my way. Also, while we discuss furniture, if you’ve bought a glider or something similar or a fabulous chair for a nursery… pass that along as well. I have no interior décor style (much like my fashion sense) and just get overwhelmed and want to quit. There is nothing worse to me than furniture shopping. I just don’t have an eye for it – I have an IDEA of what I kinda like, but I can’t put it into words. And then I end up getting something and loathing it weeks later.

But! On Monday I moved some of THEE MOST important things: like two large bags of beauty products and makeup. Life essentials. You know.

Things I’ve read lately: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Last year I read (err, listened to on my audible app) The Husband’s Secret while finishing up my book so I was excited for this one to come out. I didn’t love the one last year and I didn’t love this one either – but I felt similar about them. They were GOOD – I wanted to finish them and find out what happened – but I was also… underwhelmed? Does that make sense? I am truly terrible at writing about books.

Now I’m going back to being buried in boxes… and I’m going to defrost a fridge. Does that mean I can eat all the dessert stored in the freezer? I hope.