tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. My iphone keeps correcting “beet” to “beer.” It knows me well.

2. Can we freak out over the gorgeousness of this ginger melon sangria? Hello beautiful.

3. I’m curious as to how you eat string cheese. Do you pull it into strings (I do, have since I was a kid) or do you just take bit bites off the top? The second way freaks me out. Because I am a lunatic.

4. Do I even need to mention how fanatical Eddie is over the new Taylor Swift song? If you’ve been reading then you know he has an undying love for her… and every time I walk into a room he is blasting the song. For real.

5. Last week we also had a s’mores-cation. And I decided to put white chocolate coconut peanut butter ON my s’more. Dead. Just dead.

6. I saw my friend Kristen share this last week and I am utterly obsessed: how and why to do a life audit. Yes.

7. TV junk. Okay let’s please talk about True Blood in the comments. I want to say so much but don’t want to spoil it – however – what a crock, let’s watch a stupid event take place for 45 minutes between characters that… I’ll stop there. BLAH. A bunch of you keep asking if I’m still watching the Leftovers and my answer is YES – but as of last week I still had two episodes to catch up on. Mainly because I need Eddie to watch them with me so he can explain them. It freaks me out. What are your thoughts? I really still can’t get over how much I love Masters of Sex. omgahhhh. Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are incredible. I watch every episode two or three times – it makes for great late night work distraction.

8. Surprisingly enough I don’t really watch anything on Bravo – I’ve never watched any of the Real Housewives or anything like that… but I did discover Million Dollar Listing last week and got sucked into that vortex.

9. In the last seven days we had tacos twice for breakfast. I want to make this a thing… always.