brain dump I


Yesterday I had to go buy a bottle of bourbon for a recipe while six months pregnant. People still aren’t sure if I’m pregnant – or else they’ve just had it burned into their brains to NEVER ASK A WOMAN if she is pregnant unless it’s like month ten. That was fun.

This is what we’ve done lately!

We moved. I can write a book on the worst way to move. We did it. Trust me.

We went on vacation.

We couldn’t relax on vacation at all, until maybe the second to last day. I do not suggest going on vacation the week before or after major things occur in your life. True life: I sort of like to work better than I like vacation. And I’m not even drinking caffeine now. This is probably a problem.

Next week at this time, I’ll be doing my book tour (omg please come!) and am wondering if I can pull off the white jumpsuit that Robin Wright wore to the emmys while being only 5 feet tall and pregnant. The only thing I think I would look like is a polar bear walking on its hind legs.

People keep asking me “omg aren’t you freaking out” with the whole baby/book/moving situation and yes I’m majorly freaking out BUT the good news is that there is so much going on at the moment that I don’t have the capability to obsess over just one thing. Which is probably awesome? Or it just means everything is being half assed. Let’s hope not that one. But things are good.

I do hate feeling like I can’t be 100% present on my blog right now. I MISS YOUR GUTS.

We moved three weeks ago but went away for one (stupid yet wonderful), and THE ENTIRE HOUSE IS STILL IN BOXES. I am not kidding when I say there is probably no possibility that this house will be unpacked in six months. Not even a year. It certainly won’t be unpacked before I leave for the book tour. And when I come back, um, I should probably buy a crib or something and do some kind of preparation for the baby since we will be like six to eight weeks away. FEAR.

We don’t have a kitchen table. Or kitchen chairs. We still don’t have a bed and we’re sleeping in a guest room. I’ve already destroyed two bathrooms because my stuff is spread out everywhere since it doesn’t have a place yet – meanwhile over half of it is still packed. I can’t find jewelry or perfume. My packing skills ROCK.

The majority of my dishes and blog props for photography are still packed too. I can’t find my rolling pin and have had to improvise with wine bottles three times lately. Yeah – that’s not as easy as everyone says it is. Especially when you can’t open the bottle and take a swig. Whomp whomp.

And learning to take pictures, when you loathe photography to begin with, in a new place and for the first time ever since starting a blog is a challenge! I eat a lot of cheese to deal. I miss my old boring white walls.

Can we talk about this below? Why is it the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life? I sing the song with these lyrics now.

I reeeeeeeallly want to do a bunch of vacation posts but I literally have no idea when I would do them. Currently trying to figure that out so I can do a ton of beachy repetitive sunset photo dumps that I can reference when I need to relax.

I also promised you a vision board update, which yes – is still totally valid considering I wouldn’t let anyone touch my vision board when moving and placed it in the backseat of my car, padded with blankets for the move. I can see it right now from where I sit. Maybe I can do that before 2015! Maybe not. I really adore my 2014 board.

I haven’t read a darn thing lately. I started Delicious on vacation but didn’t get very far. After asking you for lots of recommendations, I totally flaked. I DO have lots of favorites to talk about this month but they will come later this week in my beauty and lifestyle faves. Things like water and salad. No, it’s not what you think.

Today I’m filming a video for most of the day and probably wearing too much lipstick. That is all for now, I’m done with this update about me, me, me where I hit caps lock four too many times. What is new with you? Tell me! Can I say that reading your magic moments has made me teary every single day? Man, I heart you. (are we still saying that? probably not.)