tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Totally dead over this eggplant parmesan pizza with crispy capers. WANT WANT WANT.

2. Your thoughts on orange juice pulp: love it or hate it? I have never known anyone that loves it… besides my husband! He is the only one I know who buys orange juice with HIGH PULP. I feel like we’re 82 years old.

3. EEEEEE. It’s early but it’s technically 2015 planner time again and I already ordered my whitney english day designer. I absolutely LOVED it this year and can’t imagine not using it again.

4. Speaking of fruit things… ummm our house is being overtaken by fruit flies. Even though all the fruit is gone and I’ve poured clorox down the drain. What is your go-to solution for this? I’ve tried the syrup and vinegar in a cup trick and it never really did anything. Note: I’m also highly impatient.

5. I’ve really been missing the crazy caffeine buzz mid-afternoon now that it’s cooler outside. And for the record, dunkin pumpkin is so much better than starbucks pumpkin. SO MUCH.

6. TV TV! I am so stoked for what happened in the last ten seconds of Boardwalk Empire. I am, however, annoyed that SO much time has passed in the show – it’s made me completely confused and I hate that Rothstein is dead even though he was a total creep. Still completely losing it over SOA – again, another show where the last moments made me go whaaaaaat. Did Jax technically screw part of his own club?? I may say it every week but this last episode of Masters of Sex was probably my favorite. Freaking Lizzy Caplan. GAH. She is so good. And Michael Sheen’s vulnerability. And I LOVE Libby with Robert – maybe because she doesn’t get chemistry with anyone on the show? I will say that I have about zero interest in the smaller storylines though.

7. Um, I could be wrong but isn’t there always “a cold going around?” Like if someone mentions that they don’t feel well the next person is all OH YEAH THERE’S A BUG GOING AROUND! Like really? It’s been going around for all of my 31 years? Huh.

8. 42 sentences that wouldn’t have made sense 10 years ago. Ha. It’s true.

9. I’m having a fall nail polish crisis. Like I want to buy EVERY color I see even though I probably already have EVERY color. Fall is the best. Haaaaaalp. Marketer’s dream.