Hiiii. I gots stuff to tell you!

sunday I howsweeteats.com

First… local cooking classes. I’ve been teaching classes at Crate all year and they are super fun and embarrassing for me. During the last class I burnt my oven fries (I accidentally wrote “friends”… oh well, fries are my friends) to a charred BLACK crisp and almost caught the blender on fire while making a boozy milkshake. If you’d like to particpate in such ridiculousness, there are two classes coming up! I believe each one has less than 10 spots left, and they usually sell out. Note: the cost of the class is for the food because you are going to get to EAT (and drink!) your little hearts out. No really. I am full as heck when I leave these things. To register for the classes, click on ‘classes” on the left sidebar on the crate website, then choose the month of October or November and the corresponding date.

OCT 23 – Seriously Delish Class: I’ll be cooking things from the book! I’ll be signing books as well so if you got a copy of Seriously Delish, bring it with you. We are going to eat like kiiiiings.

NOV 6 – Soups Class! I’ll be making a ton of my favorite fall soups and we will have some bread to dip in it. obviously. Think bread bowls! Beer cheese! Cold weather, sweaters, boots and candles. Mmmm.

[also, if you’re SUPER into planning ahead, i’m teaching incredible classes in the new year that you can sign up for NOW – tex mex and brunch in january and pizza in february!]


Next, if you can’t make it to an actual book signing but would like a signed copy for yourself, for a friend or for a gift for the upcoming holidays, you can order one through Penguin Bookshop here in Pittsburgh and they will ship it to you. Call the store to order your copy. And local friends… this is the most incredible little bookshop ever. I want to live inside.

[As another note, nearly all of the signed bookplates from the August promo have gone out by now – but there are a few left coming to you! Without sounding like a massive jerkface, I signed a LOT of plates and we had to do a couple reprints of the label since it was customized for the book due to the response. If you are still waiting, it is absolutely coming to you and will be there in another week or two!]


Last thing – make sure to check out the book tour page! This week I’ll be signing books (and making fooood) in Boston on Friday at noon, and next week I head to Seattle and San Francisco. As I recap these on instagram, many of you have mentioned that you had no idea I would be there, so check the page!! All the dates are there, and unfortunately no more will be added since I have this bun in the oven and am slowly becoming a professional waddler. (still in heels though. still in heels.)

Okay, that is all. Thank you guys for making the last month of Seriously Delish so SERIOUSLY AWESOME. And please keep sharing what you’re making with me – even if you switch some dishes up! I want to see and hear it all. Share them on the facebook page or tweet them to me – and make sure to upload your photos to instagram with the hashtag #seriouslydelish so I can find them! You rule. xoxo