tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. So crazy intrigued by this vegan mexican layer dip. Craving it badly.

2. I mentioned this on facebook last week, but I saw that Pizza Hut is bringing back BOOK IT? Omg. I lived for Book It. A bunch of you said it never went away… so maybe it didn’t… but just the mention of it got me all excited. Pizza parties and reading… hello my very favorite things.

3. I would pretty much do anything for these rose gold nikes. Sold out EVERYWHERE.

4. All I want in life is a CRISPY waffle maker. I have gone through multiple waffle makers that only produce soft ones. Haaaalp me.

5. Because she is the most incredible writer… this post on taking up space and acting small. Adore.

6. You’d think an alternate title for my job would be “professional grocery shopper” but I always seem to pick the wrong lane in the store. This happened to us on Sunday and we spent 20 minutes in line fuming.

7. I NEED A TV BLOG. I must figure out how to do this. Anyhoo: Sons of Anarchy – dead over it. Can I just say how much I love the little Chibs storyline? So cute. And now I’m having second thoughts about how I think they might kill Juice. But maybe that is just Kurt Sutter’s way of appealing to the audience on his behalf and then taking him out? Of course. Boardwalk was back to a little of it’s boring self this week, even though I still adore it due to my awkward crush on Steve Buscemi. Give me more Margaret though. HOMELAND! The beginning was sooo slow and boring, but I ended up getting into it. I hope they can bring this show back from the brink of death this season. As a pregnant person, I had massive anxiety every time Carrie had the baby. Eeeek. I obvi still love me some Saul and if he turns bad I will throw a tantrum. And I’ll just say what we’re all thinking – GIVE US MORE QUINN. Holy crap. He is a stunner. Oh and Nashville… I am getting vibes that they will turn Luke into a bad guy later this season… maybe cheating or something? Super happy for Juliette at the end. OMG okay I’m done.

8. 35 life lessons! boom.

9. This morning I almost became the person that bought a neck pillow in the airport. The surrounding germs are the only thing that stopped me.