tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. GUYS. I’m freaking. This morning I woke up to a virtual baby shower planned by two of my closest friends, Bev and Ashley. I’m a little all over the place today and will be sharing everyone’s recipes later this week, but in the meantime you must click on those links and see the food. It’s a TRASHED UP BABY SHOWER. Dead. I’ll be in my puddle of tears if you need me.

2. Am I the only one who gets crazy excited for election day? It makes me feel like an adult. I mean, I realize I should feel like an adult since I’m like moments away from birthing a child but still… voting makes me feel like a legit adult.

3. When daylight savings time ends: otherwise known as a food blogger’s worst nightmare. Now it’s a scramble to photography everything before 4 or 5PM, but I will say that I love how light it is in the mornings. I think I’d like to live in Alaska.

4. Eddie hates coffee. Like HATES it. Like I can’t even make it in the house because he flips out and opens windows and stuff. What do you think the over under is on him eventually drinking coffee with a baby? Remember when I hated coffee too? Then I found out that CAFFEINE is life? Yeah.

5. You know how the last two weeks I’m been whining about a bee in my car then a bee in the house? Umm… we have like an infestation of wasps. As in multiples… everywhere. It is pretty much my worst nightmare since I am scared sh!tless of them. Someone take me in.

6. It’s that time of year agaaaaaain… Jimmy Kimmel has parents tell kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy. I find these hilarious. I know some of you get very upset over them. Either way, nothing compares to the first year he did this. Hilarity ensues.

7. Something HAS to finally happen on SOA tonight, right? Like something other than people losing body parts? Things have to start getting resolved, but now it’s like… is there any way that Jax can escape the season without dying? WAH. I really dislike when the Walking Dead focuses entire episodes on one character/group, but I’m glad we know where that person is. I feel like Homeland may actually be getting kind of good now? I wasn’t totally surprised with the turn of the events but it works. I wrote my thoughts on The Affair in my favorites yesterday. It has unexpectedly hooked me.

8. I miiiiiight just be a little too excited for the CMA’s tomorrow night. Like, too excited as in I’ve been waiting for it for like four weeks.

9. Laughing hysterically over Ina being the one true queen. I saw the Halloween meme a few weeks ago and have been crying with giggles ever since. Gosh I love her.