tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I have the CRAZIEST desire to make a gingerbread house. It’s like three days strong now. I am dying to make one. I’ve probably only done it once or twice in my life but ever since this past weekend I’ve been saying I NEED TO MAKE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE. I think this is a nesting thing. Though how helpful it is that I am nesting by creating a faux home has yet to be determined…

2. It would be totally awesome if someone could deliver this double chocolate party cake to my mouth right now. Please and thank you.

3. Add this word to the list that I can never spell correctly: neutral. And I just spelled it wrong again.

4. Guess what I haven’t done at all? Christmas shopping. That’s probably great.

5. Is anyone else freaking over the Into The Woods movie? With my pretend BFF Meryl Streep? GAH. I am so eager to see it. That was one of the first musicals I ever saw as a kid.

6. Every year at this time I get super jealous of everyone doing Elf on the Shelf and the crazy things they do night after night. Then! I realized that OMG I CAN DO THIS SOON. Well, I mean, I’m closer to doing it than I was last year? Maybe Eddie and I should just do it for each other.

7. 34 images to push you over the edge. I can’t.

8. A bunch of my favorite shows were on hiatus this week, and let’s just say that I’m super fearful for SOA tonight. But let’s see – what are you thoughts on the Walking Dead finale? First of all, Rick is totally looking like Jesus. Second, I don’t think they showed enough of Daryl’s arms. Hint hint. I wasn’t crushed by this finale like I have been in years past. I still love the show though. I think I was more crushed by the Talking Dead! If you watched it, you’ll get me. Also, I wrote about this in my favorites yesterday but I got Eddie hooked on The Affair. AHHH. SO good.

9. I don’t even want to tell you this but the night before Thanksgiving I got sucked into a Snooki and Jwoww marathon, probably because it was a few episodes before JWoww gave birth (which did nothing but continue to terrify me). I watched it for like four hours into the late of night, and during I did end up setting my stuff out to pack a hospital bag (which has yet to be packed…) and also decided that if you’ve ever watched the Kardashians, Snooki and Jwoww are actually likeable and stuff. File that under “things I’ve learned this holiday season.”

10. I share this pig ornament every year when putting up the tree, and it’s probably my favorite ornament we have. I mean, yeah of course I love the sentimental ones, but a sectioned fat little piglet? I die.

11. Yeah. I know. I realize I “die” or “am dying” over just about everything. I’m sure I’ll be onto something new soon.