tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought the line in T-Swift’s Blank Space was “starbucks lovers.” Um, apparently like everyone else did too?

2. Chocolate peanut butter mousse pie. GIVE ME.

3. Thoughts on pantone’s color for 2015? At first I was like ohhhhh no (I mean, hello, I’m much more of a radiant orchid girl, no?) but then I saw some ads sephora did and fell in LOVE with it.

4. I somehow started to get the Frontgate catalog (do they send it out to everybody who moves?) and now every single night I stare at it and want to order like five over-the-top christmas trees. And topiaries. And things with lights that don’t even need lights but cost five million dollars.

5. Christmas shopping: love it hate it? I totally ADORE it. I love the insane hustle and bustle. And yes, I’ve worked retail during the holiday season and while it’s nuts, I love that too! I never ever ever shop this early. But over the weekend I was mistaken for a Macy’s employee twice (uh, apparently a very pregnant Macy’s employee) mostly likely because my all black attire and well… people were not very nice. It’s like grinch mode out there.

6. With that being said, I’m sort of having a difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit, maybe because of this impending arrival. I feel like I need to cover myself in tinsel and blast some Amy Grant.

7. I already have EXTREME anxiety for the SOA finale tonight. I just wish it didn’t have to end. I really liked last week’s episode, was a bit shocked at some of the events, but must also say that I found some of them… anticlimactic? I know there are spoilers out there for tonight but I refuse to look. Um, I am firmly back on the Homeland train and sort of love that these last few episodes will seem to focus on Quinn? And The Affair! GAH! I have sooo many predictions but I’m thinking they will end the season in a major cliffhanger since it was renewed. I’m not sure how much Eddie loves me staring at the screen wailing “Pacey is the most perfect man!”

8. 30 things I don’t have time for. Oh man. So many of these YES.

9. I just ate gummy bears for lunch. Whatever.