tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. My iPhone autocorrection is out of control. It’s changing every “food” to “good” and every “gave” to “have” and, well… of course it uses the words “shot” and “duck” a lot.

2. How adorable is this savory chicken salad parfait?! And so perfect for lunch. I want to make like 20 of them.

3. Just a wee bit excited that girl scout cookies are coming soon. I think I can even make an exception and forgive them for creating a new one with RAISINS. Don’t they know? Raisins ruin everything.

4. I’m so out of it sleep-wise that last night Eddie watched Monday night wrestling for about 33 minutes before I realized what was on the TV and was like noooooo. I think he is loving this. He likes to remind me how I am outnumbered now.

5. Today is the release date for my friend Andie’s book, and I cannot shout it from the rooftops any louder: you guys have to grab this book! It is so beautifully written and touching and just… excellent. I want to read is AGAIN.

6. Remember a few weeks ago when I thought that I needed to nest like every other pregnant person and organized my pantry? Huh. Well. Organized pantry is no more. It’s already destroyed. Bonus though: there are lots of tortilla chips in there.

7. No new TV things this week, but I did start rewatching House of Cards in anticipation of the new season. In approximately one more month I’ll be going nuts over how stunning Robin Wright is and have momentary lapses in judgement of chopping my hair like hers. I’ve also been watching Shameless reruns and Mad Men reruns. Every night around 9PM I search the TV schedule to see what will be on in the middle of the night. This is my liiiiiife.

8. 15 things to stop doing in 2015. So much YES.

9. Moved on from italian subs to grilled cheese(us). Not that it’s much different from regular life but… you know. New years resolution: devour as many grilled cheese(us) as possible. Last night I made SUCH a delicious one. And dipped it in ketchup, naturally.

10. Let’s be real. I totally put on some lipstick just to make a smooch on my mug up there. When you’re hibernating with minimal adult interaction… it’s the little things.