Someone please tell me howwwww I have an almost-two month old?

life with max: eight weeks in I

If I could be granted one wish right now, aside from good health, it would be for time to slow the heck down. I can’t take it!

Everyday I feel so lucky. I don’t know how I got so lucky. CUE MAJOR TEARS.

Soooo week 8? Oh my. Lots of things.

We can’t get over how fat his little feet are. Little flintstone feet. They are the cutest thing ever. I want to eat them.

I miss him from yesterday. I miss him from last week. I miss him at two weeks old and at four weeks old. I say over and over that I want ten kids, I wish I could have ten kids, but I think I really want ten Maxes right now. He is just the sweetest thang.

life with max: eight weeks in I

I still haven’t bought him one outfit or toy since he has been born. Being the first kid on both sides – oh my gosh, this child has SO MANY CLOTHES. I really want to get some super cute boy clothes that I see, but I feel like it would be so wasteful since he will barely make it through all the outfits he has now.

His smiles are out of control. He giggles and smiles so much. I’m patiently waiting for the first belly laugh, but when does that happen? He coos and talks a ton, but mostly at night and in the mornings. We are all up around 430-5ish and Eddie and I spend a good 15 minutes staring at him while he smiles and talking to him about the day. GAH.

Speaking of Eddie… he had a little men’s day out. Uh, yeah. SO – last Saturday I had a cooking class to teach. They are about three hours long but we do some prep before, and with how often Max is still eating, it’s easier to just bring him and I feed him before then he goes on a little “adventure” during the class. Let me start by saying that Eddie was SO EXCITED for this day with him. Like talked about it all week.

While he was talking about his excitement, I was, um, GENTLY telling him about all of the things he needed to prepare for/find/do. I knew it may be too much in the moment so about five days before I started telling him we had to go over how to strap the seat into the stroller, he needed to try to use the portable bottle warmer, we needed to go through the diaper bag so he could easily find everything in the moment while out.

WELL. He… thought… this was… nagging him, per se? Every time I brought it up, he looked at me like I was insane and was all “uh, how hard can it be?!” with a few thousand eye rolls and then a few “I’m not a child, I can do this!” and then some more “I’m 41 years old I think I can handle this.” To which I said, yes of course, but you know – when you’re out and he’s bundled up and starts crying it can be OVERWHELMING and blah blah blah.

He said he didn’t need to the stroller, that he was just going to CARRY HIM EVERYWHERE. I’m like, um. You have no idea what you’re getting into. In my head, all I was thinking was how I couldn’t wait to see how the day went down.

life with max: eight weeks in I

So we went over everything. That morning, I spent ten minutes showing him how to use the bottle warmer while he played on his phone.

He dropped me off and was on his way, taking him to the horse racing track to show him his horses even though it was OMG SO COLD. Within minutes he experienced a huge diaper explosions without a place to change him, trying changing him in our new car where he ended up – um, for lack of a better word – peeing all over the new car – then got him back in his carseat and went to the mall. While he attempted to get the stroller out of the car and snap in the car seat (which he couldn’t figure out how to do EVEN THOUGH WE “PRACTICED”), an older woman was screaming at him from her car because she thought he was leaving his prime parking spot. As soon as he got inside, Max started to cry and wanted to eat, so he ran BACK out to car to get the bottle and – ahem – couldn’t figure out how to use the bottle warmer. He says it took him 15 minutes, all while Max was screaming. After that, he ran into my dad, uncle and grandpa and needed to do another big diaper change (OMG I can’t even TELL you where he changed him… ) while the men looked on and giggled.

The craziest part is that Mr. OMG-I-need-to-eat-every-three-seconds (that would be Eddie… not Max), didn’t even eat while out due to the all over hectic-ness.

And the funniest part is that Eddie kept thinking Max would be a total chick magnet but he only had older women oogling over them, like grandmas.

I realize this doesn’t sound funny at all, but I was DYING. It was hilarious and on complete sitcom level. I wish you could hear Eddie tell the story. He had plans to take pictures of them at all of their men’s day out stops and instagram the whole thing.


When he finally picked me up, he was absolutely exhausted and since hasn’t stopped talking about his “newfound appreciation” for a newborn’s everyday care, especially when out and about. HAHAHAHA

life with max: eight weeks in I

That brow. Oh that brow.

Real life: work wise, I feel like a complete trainwreck. My killer memory is gone and without the large chunk of time I’ve always had to spend on work, it feels like nothing is my best. Everything is completely half-assed. With blogging, I’m still getting through recipes I made before Max came along, and once those are gone I have to find a way to be more efficient. My dad has always said, “the more you have to do, the more you get done” so let’s hope that’s the case. I’m really torn because I wish I could do it all – have him with me all day long while snuggling and be able to keep up with everything work related like I did before. Uh, and this doesn’t even include CLEANING THE HOUSE. Like what is that?

It’s a joke, that’s what it is.

Finally, after my last update I got to thinking how funny it is that I’m writing these weekly posts because if I’m lucky enough to have another baby, how could I ever give this much attention to this time period?!

Oh oh oh. As a mini update, remember when I told you that this was what I was using for a diaper bag? After eight weeks and taking it out multiple times – I LOVE IT. It fits a ton and is super soft and I just love the look at it. Truth be told, I’m a little jealous and want to use one as a bag for myself! I think it would be a great bag to travel with too. I’ll keep you posted on it. Right now I’m going to go squeeze little baby cheeks.