tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. All I want for Valentine’s Day is a sexy bacon cheeseburger.

2. Um, on Sunday I saw a flock (a flock? is that the word?) of seagulls flying over the grocery store parking lot. It was like 30 degrees. No ocean or lake around. I thought I might be hallucinating in my sleep deprived state. How? Why? How?

3. Citrus season is blowing my mind. This morning we had a photoshoot and I made the vanilla ginger mojitos from my book and OMG THE LIMES. I’d also like a meyer lemon tree. Otherwise I need a money tree. P.S. do me a favor and make a killer margarita tonight.

4. Not sure I can even explain my excitement over buying adorable Valentines. Why can’t I be crafty?

5. I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but how could I not share it? Jimmy Fallon has his own little Saved By the Bell cameo. Dead.

6. Last night my cousin and I FINALLY unpacked all my cookbooks from when we moved and we totally roy. g. biv-ed it. I told Eddie and he said “you WHAT it?” ROY G BIV-ed it! You get it. Right?

7. Pretty sure this is dinner tonight. I haven’t stopped craving it since I saw it earlier this week.

8. TV is back! I can’t believe the ending of GIRLS. I don’t care for Hannah at all but… WTF Adam! The Walking Dead? Why am I so emotionally invested and continually devastated when I assume there can be no happy ending? I think Scandal is completely whacked out and I don’t get it. I’m still on a MAJOR Parenthood binge – I’m on season 4 now and I cry at like every episode. It’s awful but wonderful. What I’m saying is that I’m basically a Braverman.

9. I just about freaked over T-Swift’s Grammys gown and shoes. My inner 90s child was losing it. LOVED. I also thought Gwen Stefani (Eddie’s lifelong crush) and Rhianna looked amazing too. Your picks?

10. Please tell me you’re reading Bev’s blog on Fridays. And, well, everyday.

11. Yesterday I ate Cheez It’s for breakfast. That’s real life right now.