NINE weeks with my little nug. What in the world?

life with max: nine weeks in I

This week was fairly uneventful, especially after last week’s guy’s day out. If anything, I’m getting more comfortable taking him places with me, like just to Target or the grocery store. The thing is though – it is SO freaking cold here that I feel like even moving him from the car to the store is child abuse. Like it was literally 15 degrees below zero. So we are still doing a lot of hibernating. Loooots of hibernating. Like so much that we watched 103 episodes of an hour-long TV show.

I say “we.” Because WE did.

He also still eats CONSTANTLY (hello, he is his father) so that limits us a bit. He had his two month appointment and his first set of shots – to which he did his lip trembling cry and then five seconds later – giggles and laughs. Plus, he got hot pink and blue camo bandaids so those were awesome. We had a magazine photo shoot at the house, aka baby’s first photo shoot. Of course, he screamed and cried when the time came. He KNEW!

This week I’m teaching him things, like how he can grow up never. Never ever. Okay, not really, but man, it’s going way too fast for me. My favorite time is still in the morning, around 4 or 5am, after he eats and I keep him on my chest until we get out of bed. Sometimes this is at 7am but other times it isn’t until 9, depending on how much or little we’ve slept. This time is like a bonding unlike anything I’ve ever known. Sort of like feeding him – it’s our time together that I will cherish forever. I will wake up 100 times every night right now if it means I get to have these moments with him.

life with max: nine weeks in I

We still can’t get enough of him. Not that we thought he’d get, like, old (ha!) or anything, but everyday we just look at each other and go “can you believe he is ours? Can you believe how lucky we are? Can you even stand how much you love him?” It’s constant.

At nine weeks…

This is totally crazy: his “it’s a boy balloon” is still floating around our house! It was on an arrangement that was at our house the day we came home from the hospital and nine weeks later, it’s still up in the air. I say this because Max FOUND it. Like he can see it and gets totally fixated on it. If I’m holding him or if he is in the wrap, he even arches his neck and back to see it if I happen to walk away. Crazy.

He smiles in his sleep SO much. The best is when I’m holding him and he’s asleep, and I kiss his little cheeks because I can’t stop smothering him with kisses, and his mouth turns up into a HUGE grin. Heart = melted. It kills me.

Something else funny when he sleeps? His sucks with his little mouth – when there isn’t a pacifier there – and it is so funny. He can be sitting there totally passed out with his little mouth and lips moving in and out. ADORABLE. (God I’m really a first time parent, aren’t I?)

life with max: nine weeks in I

He’s talking up a storm. I didn’t really know anything about babies before him and I never realized he would be so “talkative” this early. It’s constant! He is always squealing and it’s hilarious. We have full blown conversations, because when you don’t see adults for six days straight, that’s what you do.

The nicknames we call him are borderline ridiculous. Wait, not – they are completely ridiculous. Like I don’t even know how some of these things come out of my mouth. The weirdest names ever. I’m currently calling him my piggy pie. What?

He has one of those wubbanub pacifiers? One with a giraffe on the end? UMMMM he has started HOLDING IT!! Like it’s a friend. Like it’s his stuffed animal friend. I totally lose it.

life with max: nine weeks in I

A bunch of you have asked me to do another update on things we’re loving and I’m on it! It should be up this weekend. Not a ton of new stuff since my favorites, but definitely things we like – including our stroller.

Or should I say strollers? Yes, plural. Ugh. I’m that person now. My heels may see the light of day in 2034.