Ten weeks and we have the giggliest boy.

life with max: ten weeks in I howsweeteats.com

Even though I still hate that every day passes so quickly, I was thinking about it and I don’t think I could have physically and mentally enjoyed the last ten weeks more. The best thing I could have done was prepare recipes to share on the blog and get any and all work done so I could do nothing but snuggle. And nothing but snuggle we did. I’ve never been lazier in my life but it’s been the best thing EVER. I am so grateful I was able to do it.

Of course, the freeeeezing cold weather has played a huge part in this and it’s like, when you have a baby in December in Pennsylvania, you have to expect to be cooped up inside for around four months or so. Hibernation for liiiiife. With that being said, I think I’d be all over having a summer baby…

I know one day I’ll yearn for these days (like today, when we’ve done absolutely nothing) but I’m starting to get a leeeettle stir crazy.

This week:

Max got baptized – on Valentine’s Day – in the middle of a massive blizzard. Like it started blizzarding the moment we had to leave. He was the sweetest thing ever. It was pretty adorable. But I do think he was like… mom, why did you put me in this giant dress? We went a little crazy traditional.

life with max: ten weeks in I howsweeteats.com

The fauxhawk. I can’t take it. After his baths (which he LOVES), we swipe his hair up and it just stays put. Permanent little fauxhawk. He is just so happy and cuddly all the time. I feel so lucky. Too lucky. If he does cry I can decipher the reason quickly which is totally insane to me since I knew approximately nothing about babies before this.

He and Eddie have more of the same mannerisms everyday. It kills me. I actually find it more funny to see things that Eddie does, like the way he moves his mouth in his sleep – and then see Max do the same thing.

Um, so, he’s close to growing out of the bassinest. We probably have a few more weeks? Eddie and I are nuts in love, so we are currently figuring out what we can get to keep him in our room. We don’t want him to go to his own yet! WAH! I’m also such a ball of anxiety that if he is in his own room, I’ll probably be awake MORE than I am already. How do you get over the fear? Halp me.

Speaking of sleep, he’s starting to sleep sliiiiightly longer at night. I don’t even want to write it out because tonight, it probably wont happen then. But! His stretches are getting a little longer. In an insane and weird way, I miss it already. Even if it means we’re up three times instead of four.

life with max: ten weeks in I howsweeteats.com

One day this past week he just wanted to cuddle ALL day, so I got tons done with him in the sollybaby. I wish I could just glue him there and hold him that close always.

We took the best nap together last Sunday – like I was OUT, which I rarely am – and as I’m writing this we just woke up from a big family nap – the three of us – with him in his pod and Eddie and I on the couch. Cutest ever.

Apparently I’m writing all about sleep today, but we still freaking LOVE watching him wake up. The stretches, OMG. This boy stretches for like five minutes before he can do anything else and it makes my day. It’s hilarious.

Right now he is on a playmat on the floor next to me absolutely squealing his lungs out. He does this crazy high pitch happy squeal multiple times a day and I flip over it. He’s such a little bug.

I still want ten kids. It’s not waning. Like at all. Eeeeep.

life with max: ten weeks in I howsweeteats.com

Tomorrow I’m going to share more baby favorites and later this week, a lactation cookie recipe. Uh, they are sooooooo good.