tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Ho ho cupcakes! They’re a thing.

2. Right this minute… like truly right this minute… I’m trying to determine if I can give up cheese for lent. About 163% of my meals have some sort of cheese in them, so yeah… would this work?

3. Three words: bacon.cracklin’.pancake. What in the heck.

4. I sent Eddie a text this morning with a photo of Max in the kitchen with me, saying he was hanging out with me while I was “coking.” Um, that should be COOKING. Worst autocorrect ever.

5. Starbucks has coconut milk! I am thrilled. Have you tried it yet? Is it terrible? Don’t tell me. Let my dream live on.

6. And oh yeah, lonely Starbucks lovers? This made my week.

7. So I’m totally NOT a bath person, but I am currently infatuated with the idea of taking a bubble bath. We have an awesome jet tub that I haven’t even used yet. Tell me: what kind of bubble bath stuff should I get? Obviously I want to get one of those glitter bombs from Lush so I can sit in a tub of glitter. Yep, I’m 32.

8. TV. OMG. Okay, first, GIRLS made me so crazy and I wonder if it’s the end of that relationship and I sort of don’t want it to be since I love him as an actor but, let’s be real, Hannah needs to get her stuff together. Glad Shosh was back for some hilarity but I missed Elijah. I’ve really been bored with the last two episodes of the Walking Dead – this is the first time it’s ever happened. I am having a difficult time watching it, especially when the talk about/show Judith, because of the whole baby thing. I really need to watch happy stuff at the moment. Is that crazy? I get too emotionally invested. I also can’t really watch Grey’s because of that right now. But I am on the Nashville wagon BAD. There is so little Juliette in it right now though and I get why, but I like her drama. What are you watching? On a few days until House of Cards!

9. On that same note, I finished Parenthood. YES. That means I watched 102 episodes in less than two weeks. Seriously, if you want to binge on a show, have a baby in the dead of winter. Anyhoo – I am not a crier and I BAWLED MY EYES OUT through entire episodes, especially the last two. Perfect ending, in my tear-filled eyes. I loved it. I really wish I had watched it the entire time because judging from my obsessive TV experience, I know the impact would have been more intense.

10. Are you having the fattest of Tuesdays? I’m thinking cheeseburgers for dinner. Or just, like, cheese. See #2.