tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. These dark chocolate key lime pie truffles. WHAT. Dying. I’m still in serious citrus lust.

2. Have you seen the first released Jem photo? GAH.

3. You probably shouldn’t spread your chocolate chip cookie with nutella for an afternoon snack. No. Definitely not.

4. If you need the biggest giggle ever, please read this article my friend Bev wrote. Doesn’t she need her own TV show?

5. This morning my phone autocorrected “whole chicken” on my grocery list to “white chicks.” I’m sure I can find a bunch of both at the grocery store but I mean…

6. Today I used my milk frother/steamer thing and made my OWN steamed coconut milk foam. From a can of light coconut milk because it was all I had because someone dropped an entire full can of full fat coconut milk on the kitchen floor first because… life. To die for. Now if I could only make my own tiramisu latte.

7. Walking Dead: ummm let’s talk about how hot Rick looked, it was like circa Love Actually again. You know the good is not going to last though. If anyone has read the graphic novels – are they following them now? GIRLS: I think this season just stinks. I feel like it isn’t nearly as relatable as the first and second seasons (embarrassingly) were. House of Cards: I think we are on episode 8? I’m sort of underwhelmed. It’s just kind of boring me this time around. And you know I love my white house/political shows! What are your thoughts? Like I am just so over Doug Stamper. Nashville: am I going to get what I want this week on the show? I think!

8. Have you heard the Sprint commercial with those unicorn shark things – the narwhals? It gets stuck in your head forever? Eddie has been singing it for two weeks. He sings it CONSTANTLY. I’m losing it. Max’s first word will probably be NARWHALS. Awesome.