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Here’s what I’m loving in February – tell me your favorites below!

Skillet pizzas, but in a different way! Instead of the cast iron skillet method (which is the best, but hello – hot as heck and requires a little more hands-on time which I so don’t have right now), I’ve been using a regular nonstick or stainless skillet and my go-to dough. Throw a bit of oil in the skillet while it’s over high heat. Throw in the dough and cook until bubbles form (think pancake-like) then flip the dough and build your pizza. Finish it in the oven, anywhere from 350 to 450 degrees until the cheese is melty, like around ten-ish minutes. This means no pizza peel nightmares! Above is my cheeseburger pizza from a pizza class I taught last week. So good.

La Croix’s new pineapple strawberry flavor. I found it at Target and it’s to die for.

PARENTHOOD! Gah. I’m so sad I didn’t get into it sooner but I blew threw every episode in two weeks. My love knows no bounds. It quite possibly might be my favorite show of ALL time, which is huge for the TV junkie that I am. I couldn’t even tell you who my favorite character is because I loved them all for so many reasons. The writers knocked it out of the park with that. I feel like they covered so many different personalities and I have no idea HOW they did it so brilliantly!

This le creuset 4 1/2 qt round oven – I can’t find the exact one online anymore, but my parents gave it to me for Christmas and it is THE PERFECT SIZE. Seriously, perfect. Most meals I cook can feed four and this is just the best size for everything. I use it almost every single day – soups, stews, pasta, chicken – everything.

This smoothie, but with a hefty dose of spirulina in it. I’ve been drinking it at least four times a week (minus the chocolate everytime, ha) and I swear it works miracles.

Along those same lines, apple cider vinegar. I buy that 32-ounce bottle at my local grocery store. I’ve taken it for years – just a few teaspoons in my water in the morning, but I am telling you – for the first time I got rid of a killer sinus infection and I attribute it to ACV a few times a day, my favorite coconut water, the above smoothie with spirulina, tons of water and avoiding dairy for a few days. Usually they last two plus weeks for me, but this one was gone in four days!

ummm – handsoap. Yep, it’s a thing right now for me. I think because I’ve been so cooped up in the house with the freezing temps and baby, that I’m searching for ways to make every little thing a special experience or something. First up, these Nest hand soaps! I love Nest perfume and candles and these do not disappoint. I have the grapefruit and the tangerine in our bathrooms. And next, these a la Maison hand soaps. My cousin brought me one of these from whole foods a few weeks ago – the rosemary mint scent – and it’s currently in the kitchen. It smells DIVINE. Everyone loses their mind when they wash their hands in the kitchen.

Kind of flipping over this cornflake crisp chocolate. Spread with peanut butter? Oh yes.

Maroon 5’s song Sugar – but more importantly, their music video for it. I could watch it ten times a day.

This unicorn mug! A few of you mentioned this in the comments of my last favorites post and uhhh… like I could say no? I’m fanatical about it. I want a second one. The only thing is – it’s super fragile and I’m so afraid I’m going to break off the horn!

The tiramisu latte. I love it. Freaking LOVE it.

Everything floral that is currently at athleta. DYING over it. I got the jacket and the sports bra... and I really want the crops buuuuut… not so sure how flattering they would be at the moment. May just do it anyway!

The heart pizza. It’s true. I cannot eat it any other way now. Last night I made us skillet pizzas and cut the pepperoni into hearts again. I don’t think my starving husband was as in to it. Whatevs.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]