tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I soooo want to go on a spring/summer wardrobe binge. Have you done this yet? Right now I’m fantasizing over this skirt with a sleeveless soft denim shirt that I have. Eeeeep. And neon heels. Duh.

2. Guess what’s for dinner! This tomato and egg breakfast pizza. Adding bacon?

3. Speaker phone. What are your thoughts on it? I think it’s a rude way to communicate, the connection is always terrible and unless you’re doing something crazy like driving or have three kids hanging off of you, I’m not a fan. My husband talks on speaker phone ALL THE TIME. No one can ever hear him, the sentences cut out… it’s like pet peeve number one over here right now. So he is constantly calling me on speaker just to annoy me.

4. I burnt an entire batch of cupcakes over the weekend – like 24 of them. Didn’t realize it until I could SMELL the burnt batter. Did I make a second batch? Of course.

5. Last week it was the s’mores frappuccino and now Starbucks has a COOKIE STRAW. Why do they hate me?

6. Bird-nest-on-our-front-door-update: babies hatched and a day later went MIA. Wah. I’m trying not to feel all the feels. Says the person who never cared about this before she had a child.

7. Over the weekend “how do you talk to an angel” was piped through the grocery store speakers. Oh hey, throwback. (I still knew every word.)

8. TV TV! I am going nuts over Mad Men for next week especially since the previews were like one line sentences that didn’t enable us to string anything together. I really loved Sunday’s episode. And WTF Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t even like you as a show, I think you should have ended five years ago, but I’m the biggest hypocrite of life and am sucked back in after that mess last Thursday. I just wish the show could’ve ended instead of that unbelievable plot.

9. Why dreams die on Mondays. As a regular Monday night freak out person (especially now), I love this!