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Things I’m going crazy over this month:

Infused waters. I’ve always loved adding fruit and herbs to water to make it all fancy and stuff (I have a few of my favorite combos in my book), but I am consuming so.much.water. right now since I’m nursing that it’s crazy. Throwing some mint and lemons in a pitcher makes me feel like summer is super close even though it’s 39 degrees out right now. Also, many of you have asked about this pitcher – it’s from Target, of course. It’s like half pitcher, half water bottle. I love the size.

As for music, every weekend we still blast our mini Max playlist that I talked about last month. I also can’t stop listening to Andy Grammer’s Honey, I’m Good and Little Big Town’s Girl Crush. Annnnd Eddie seriously plays almost every song from The Cadillac Three (especially White Lightning) every single day. Seriously.

This evolution fresh organic grapefruit juice. I love love love grapefruit so much. I may even go as far to say that it’s my favorite fruit? Anyhoo. I’ve really enjoyed having some of these bottles (I find mine at whole foods) in my fridge. I usually don’t drink a full bottle at once, but I like being able to pour a glass in the morning or afternoon. I also die over their pineapple coconut water. And I want to try the avocado greens but haven’t found it yet.

The Sweetapolita Bakebook. GUYS. This is like unicorn heaven. The colors, the desserts, everything. Yes, this is my friend Rosie’s book and yes, I was sent it for doing a blurb, but I would buy it myself in an instant. Actually I already bought a copy for a gift. It’s SO gorgeous. Annnnd I’m going to share my take on one of her incredible recipes soon. It’s displayed in my kitchen, it’s THAT cute.

My new Brooks! A month later and I still can’t get over how incredible these shoes feel on my feet. It takes me back to when I got my first pair of Brooks years ago and they just felt SO GOOD. Plus, they are sort of neon-y and I’m obviously all over that.

On that same subject, turbofire!! I know that I’ve talked about turbofire approximately 8 million times but it really is my favorite set of workout videos. Right now I’ve been doing the 25 or 30 minute ones which are perfect timing during the day with Max. I love turbofire because it’s not as killer as insanity, but still gives a great workout. It is mostly cardio, so other than walking I’ve been storing a set of 10-pound dumbbells in the family room (classy) and doing some lunges or

Justin’s vanilla almond butter. I need to have this EVERY single day. Whether it’s for breakfast or any afternoon snack, I spread some on hot toast (… or trader joe’s blueberry waffles!), add sliced banana and sommmmetimes throw on a tablespoon or so of mini chocolate chips. Can’t get enough.

Mad Men!! It’s definitely my favorite TV show of the month, but what I love ever more is listening to podcasts after each episode. Because I never understand things. So I listen to the afterbuzz Mad Men podcast on Monday’s while I work.

These oatmeal peanut butter energy bites. This is such an old recipe of mine but one I make frequently – and I’ve made it the last two weeks in a row to snack on during the week. Also, nursing moms – I added a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast to the recipe and it’s perfect. I make a double batch and keep these in the fridge for us. Love ’em.

On that same note, the past two weeks I did a little meal prep on Sunday, inspired by Tracy! My rule is to only do what I can get done in 1.5 hours so I don’t spend an entire day doing so and hate life. I also only make recipes I’m familiar with so I can bust them out quickly. And I mostly make things that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and snacks so I don’t eat like a teenage boy.

Finally, I’m still REALLY loving my cuyana tote that I talked about last month. A bunch of you asked if it gets dirty (it’s the blush color) but I’m not the best to ask at this point because I am fairly careful with and don’t use it constantly because I carry a diaper bag too. When I do take it, I stash it in the bottom of the stroller if I can’t hold it, and it’s perfect. So soft and fits TONS of stuff.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. the sweetapolita bakebook was sent to me by the publisher as a promotional piece. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]