tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Um did you see that Whole Foods is coming out with a lower-priced store? Please come near me because the amount of money I can drop in the grocery store is disgusting.

2. I know I can’t craft to save my life, but I want to make this vertical herb garden. It still seems like a bunch of work, soooo maybe I’ll just stick with my pots.

3. What was the best taco you had last week? I NEED TO KNOW.

4. Okay. I just can’t do the birkenstock thing. I think they are so hideous. I would rather go barefoot. BUT. I have zero sense of style (unless glitter trash neon late 90s counts) so what I think means nothing. You?

5. My friend Tessa has come out with the best book ever – this ultimate cookie handbook. It tells you why your cookies are flat or fat or look different every time and how to make them a certain way… it’s pretty much GOLD. Everything you want to know about chocolate chip cookies? It’s there. Last Saturday night we made the ultimate chocolate chip cookies annnnnnnnd ate them all by Sunday night.

6. Who else is having the worst allergies of the century? I basically want to rip my head off.

7. OMG MAD MEN. For some reason this week’s episode GUTTED me. I wish I could say more. Have you seen this theory┬áthat the whole series is based on DB Cooper? After reading it last week I definitely thought it could be true. But due to the circumstances of this last episode, I can’t imagine it would work. Unless it just makes Don be a bigger piece of crap that he already is. But I still love him. Whyyyy? Like why do we fall in love with jerks like Don, Tony Soprano and Big?!

8. Pitch perfect music video. I can’t even wait.

9. I may just be a weee bit excited that it’s hot dog season. And I might have smothered one in guac this past weekend. LIFE.