tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Can you even stand this unicorn-like frosting? Someone teach me this.

2. Last night my phone corrected “caramelized” to “caramel lisps.” ?!?!?!? I don’t know if I’d mind having a caramel lisp.

3. I am so making this mini chocolate mascarpone loaf cake. Been craving it alllll weekend. And mini means you can eat more. YEP.

4. Want to know something weird? You know how I went from hating coffee to loving it? Well… the last two weeks I haven’t wanted it AT ALL. Like the thought has made me sick. What is going on? No, I’m not knocked up. I had one cappuccino this weekend and it was pretty good buuuuut… not dying for it. Whyyyy.

5. Ummm how much do I need this bag in my life?

6. Pretty sure I was stationary-shamed by a Target cashier this weekend at the amount of notebooks in my cart. AND NO I DON’T WANT A RED CARD.

7. Okay okay, most important thing today? MAD MEN finale!! What did you think? I absolutely love love loved it. I thought it (surprisingly) tied everything up and I had really thought we had seen the last of everyone before this episode. I also thought it was fairly realistic. I’ve only rewatched 18 million times. Eeeep. Now I’m majorly depressed that it’s over. My favorite recap is right here and I could not agree more.

8. 5 bedtime routines that make your life easier. Why doesn’t scroll-through-instagran-and-play-on-your-phone-for-45-minutes make the list? <covers entire face>

9. All I want to do is go to Nantucket. I look at the Nantucket hashtag on instagram every single day. I want to move there. GAH.