I’ve had this post started in my drafts for like four weeks. Oomph!

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Remember last year when my brother got engaged? The wedding is almost here! So crazy. And. I found out I was pregnant the day before the engagement and it just seems like it was all so long ago. But it FLEW. But it was forever ago. But it went so fast. Whyyyy. 

So May was bridal shower month! We had one in Cleveland and one here.

on life lately I howsweeteats.com

on life lately I howsweeteats.com

I hosted her shower here and while I wish it could be all pinteresty and stuff, who has time for that?  I want to have time for that but right now I have time for nothing. Which stresses me out so then I do nothing. So smart!

Anyhoo. We did a mimosa bar (with orange, grapefruit and pineapple juice), iced passion tea lemonade and some lemon/lime/cucumber/mint ice water. I made a big ass cheese board, this lemon almond roast chicken salad, a big greens salad with avocado and scallions and a champagne vinaigrette (I just made both up as I went), along with some fruit and shrimp and stuff like that.

on life lately I howsweeteats.com

on life lately I howsweeteats.com

Dessert was obviously the best and we had lots of cupcakes from Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s and a macaron tower from Gaby et Jules. Cake for dayyyys.

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Oooooh what else. We’ve been walking lots! The hills in our neighborhood are KILLER. Add a stroller and you’re done.

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Zippity doo dah done. We wear cool shades. These are called Babiators. No, I am not kidding. Does anything else scream “this-is-our-first-child!” ?????

Other thangs.

I’ve been hounding my mom for a few weeks to come plant/flower shopping with me. She is the queen of flowers (annuals) and for 30 years has planted the most gorgeous (and insane) flowers. Like… we are talking serious planting. Weeks of flower planting. I mean, it’s a yearly project. HUGE.

So I had no idea what to plant where, where to get the prettiest/most economical plants (as an avid planter my mom knows allll the spots), what works in shade versus sun and all that jazz. I’m not talking herbs or veg, just flowers to pretty everything up. She helped me out and now I have lots of flowers which don’t look like lots of flowers when you stand in front my house. I’m hoping they quickly multiply. I want to be overrun by color.

Like I’ve now told you six trillion times, I also planted a bunch of herbs in pots because I can’t find a ground spot to commit to yet. Probably too many herbs in too little pots. But! They are growing like crazy. Pray I keep them alive.

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We’ve cooked a lot of dinner lately. Which is a biiiig change from ordering dinner out a LOT after Max was born. I mentioned it yesterday in my favorites (and if you follow me on snap chat it’s there, like, everyday) but we’ve been making tonnnnns of fajitas. One grilling session of chicken or flank steak + lots of peppers and onions usually yields one or two fajita dinners, a fajita salad and/or a fajita nacho night.

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The chip in that plate. The darn chip. It drives me MAD.

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I’ve also made this chicken recipe four times in the last week+. Last night I switched up the honey mixture by adding mustard (because mustard is life) and it was fabulous.

Why do I love all the things briney? Is that genetic or something? Mustard, pickles, vinegar, olives. Give it all to me.

The chicken is ideal though. I always make a double batch. Have it for lunch and dinners with lots of greens and feta. Have it another time in different tacos or something. Throw it in pasta. Throw it on pizza!

The end.

Please note these.

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Strawberry champagne jello shots. Being recreated as we speak.

And a little babe on a big bed!


Hotel Monaco opened up in Pittsburgh a few months ago. It’s dreamy.

Can my bedroom look like that?

Per normal, we’ve done tons of brunch. We’re sooooo predictable.

We had a post-bachelorette party brunch at Altius.

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I’d like thirty five coffees right now please.

I can skip the biscotti. Did you know that? I don’t like biscotti at all. I think it always tastes like cardboard. Always. #notworthit

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We went to Marty’s (again!) and had brunch with Rachel while she was in town. Her hair wins at life.

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More coffee! Does your coffee exist if you don’t instagram it? Ew.

Last weekend we made a makeshift brunch out of donuts and tacos in the strip. Do we ever eat things other than tacos? I don’t know. I really don’t. All things go in tacos, always.

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I also had dinner at Sausalido. Which was oh-so fantastic and let me just show you this huge wheel of FRIED GOUDA.

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What the what? Who does that?

The spinach makes up for the all the cheese. #truth

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If you’re a mom and/or very organized, do you have an app/suggestion/superpower body plugin to remembering to do all the things? GAH. I am making so many dumb mistakes and forgetting things in everyday life. A few weeks ago I even wrote “loosing” instead of “losing” in a blog post, proofread it multiples and still hit publish which is one of my biggest pet peeves. WHO AM I?

No, but really, I can make a pen+paper list, have the same list on my phone, add things to my planner, a paper calendar and an electronic calendar and STILL forget stuff. Where is my braaaain? I’m forgetting all sorts of things.

My biggest struggle is accepting the unpredictability of every day. Here’s a funny thing: every single night I still make a big to-do list for the next day. Like, yeah. Lots of stuff. Mostly work. Every.single.night. And every single night, I still think that the next day, I will be able to accomplish said things.


Every single day I do not accomplish said things. Some days I accomplish almost all, some days I accomplish two thirds of ONE thing. Yet I still make the list, still have the optimism that Hey! I.Can.Do.It.! When will I get the memo that everyday is unpredictable and I can’t plan it all? Maybe in two years? BAH.

I’m gonna go eat a taco.