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Indulge me in my list of loves – and tell me yours below!

Old Navy workout stuff. Oh my gosh, yes. Okay, so first, for years my future sister-in-law has been telling me how wonderful Old Navy workout crops are. Then, I kept hearing Erin at Busbee Style (I LOVE HER) mention them and found myself near an Old Navy. GUYS. Whoa. I have been a slave to my lululemon wunder under crops and leggings for ages. I probably have ten pairs and many are completely worn out. The Old Navy ones? They are excellent. Seriously on par with lulu. And ridiculously cheaper. I also bought a bunch of tanks and stuff for lounging and working in the yard or walking with Max. Newest obsession.

This past month, we watched the movie This is Where I Leave You. Actually, I turned it on while Eddie was doing dishes and figured he’d roll his eyes. Within a few minutes, he was hooked too. Plus, my BFF Connie Britton is in it. SOLD.

The Nest Beach handsoap and oil diffuser! I think I mentioned Nest soaps a few months ago – it’s sold out at Sephora but is also on amazon. I wanted something beachy for the guest bathroom (since I was having guests) and semi-fancy. I love this scent! It’s like a better version of Yankee Candle sun and sand.

I’m currently reading Jen Lancaster’s I Regret Nothing and loving it. But right before that, I read Nancy Thayer’s The Guest Cottage for some easy and light fun reading. My beachy chick lit friends unite! I absolutely adored it (especially since it’s also set on Nantucket) and now my only problem is… I’m back to not being able to stop reading. Like at night, I need to sleep when Max sleeps (…which is basically never) – yet I continue to read. NOT GOOD. But feels so good. Until the morning.

These Rebecca Minkoff earrings. They were one of my mother’s day gifts and I pretty much haven’t taken them out of my ears ever since. I have the gold and they go with everything.

Mad Men wins hands down for me this month when it comes to TV shows. I am still in a mini depression that it’s over. Especially on Sunday nights. I’m like reeeeeally? For some reason this series ending hit me hard, and I think it’s because it was about a decade I didn’t get to live in – and now I feel like that decade is ending? I realize I make no sense. Does that make sense? I’m still really happy with the finale, which is huge since I always hate finales.

Last year I was drinking tons of iced passion tea at Starbucks and you all told me to make my own. I never did… but I started this year an am obsessed. And for a bridal shower a few weeks ago, I mixed it with half lemonade and it was out of this world. Definitely my (non-boozy) bev of choice this summer.

The manual camera app for my iPhone. Heidi introduced me to this app when we were in DC a few months ago but I just got around to using it the last few weeks when I updated my phone. It is so cool. Definitely gives you more of a pro camera/DSLR look.

Along with apps, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m really loving Snapchat. Can’t even stand myself for using it. It is fun though! Besides the whole gah-I’m-sharing-too-much thing.

Speaking of upgrading my phone, I got this case (along with a mophie, but that’s too huge for my everyday use) and love it. Max loves it too because it’s totally mirrored.

Fajitas!! Fajitas, fajitas, fajitas. We are hooked. Last week we ate them three or four times. We do both flank steak and chicken. I started off using Pioneer Woman’s recipe but have now adapted it a bit (and I never measure a thing) – I use her method of marinating though. With queso fresco… gah. Give me all the fajitas.

This adorable beach radio. I bought this last year (or maybe two years ago?) and even talked about it then, but we have been putting it on our patio while we sit outside. It’s just so adorable. Even though we have a Beats pill and a (really old, like 5+ years) Bose iPod dock, this is so cute and fun.

My brother brought us a six pack of this Shock Top honeycrisp apple wheat two weeks ago and oh mylanta: so in love. It definitely feels more fall-ish, but um, I think it like it more than any current summer beer. So there’s that.

I’m really loving Jess Lively’s podcast, The Lively Show right now. I’ve always enjoyed it but she just started back up a few weeks ago and her guests are incredible. Love the messages. And! I’m also love Amanda Boleyn’s She Did It Her Way Podcast. So good.

Finally, we’ve made my thin and crispy pizza crust more times than I can count this month. It’s actually embarrassing. Is there a more favorite word than “favorite?” Because it belongs here.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. the sweetapolita bakebook was sent to me by the publisher as a promotional piece. there may be a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]