Annnnnnd here we go.

summer garden white bean dip I

All the grilled corn! All the time!

This dip. If definitely tastes like grown up summer. You know, the kind of summer that consists of grilled vegetables and watermelon margaritas? Before you learned how gross large-scale waterparks actually are and when summer seemed to last forrr.Ev.Er (sandlot style)?

Non-grown up summer tastes of those icy pop things (which, let’s be real, still populate my freezer since I consumed a bunch while pregnant last year), blue raspberry huggies and toasted marshmallows. All three things could be consumed on the same day after a roaring game of capture the flag (we totally tried to recreate it a la Salute Your Shorts) or even early in the morning when we sat in the yard in bathing suits with a boom box praying that a neighbor would ask us to come swim.

summer garden white bean dip I

Okay. Now seriously. I’m not sure if words can quite describe the intense lust I feel for this dip. Oh my freaking gosh.

I realize that I’m doubling up on the tomatoes this week, which is odd for me, being that I don’t care about tomatoes until they are paired with basil and mozz or pureed on top of my pizza. But it’s for good reason and I couldn’t stand it any longer.

You need a massive chip piled high with this dip.

Doooooo eeeeeet.

I promise that tomorrow we will talk about ice cream. No tomatoes.

summer garden white bean dip I

Soooo. Two years ago I shared a summer crostini that has truly been my go-to app in the summer. I don’t even know how many times I’ve made it. Thirty? Fifty? Five hundred? #drama

The point is that I really love it, guests really love it, it’s simple, flavorful and tastes like summer.

But I’m preeeeeetty sure it was just ousted from the number one app spot by this dip. They really aren’t that different – both are full of grilled corn, tomatoes and basil – but there is a time and a place for crostini and a time and a place for dip. Know what I mean?

The dip is super smooth and herby. Most of the time I love any form of white bean in a dip over chickpeas because they are so creamy and dreamy and melty and fabulous. I like to season the pureed beans quite a bit, so the dip itself has loads of taste.

Buuuut as usual.

It’s all about the toppings. (And the benjamins, baby. Because now that’s in my head.)

summer garden white bean dip I

Lots of grilled corn. Heck, I just say you grill six or eight ears at the beginning of the week and use them over the course of a few days. Think salads, tacos, salsas, pasta and now dip.

Lots of tomatoes, but make them super sweet and cherry-like. Poppables.

And then every herb you can get your little hands on. Basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, chives, mint. Do it all.

Add some scallions, and I could not encourage you more to grill them if you are grilling your corn right before. Grilled scallions are RIDIC. I don’t know what it is about them, it’s not even that big of a deal. But they are stupidly delicious.

summer garden white bean dip I

And guess what? You could even end up serving this as a crostini if you wish. Recipes collide! It’s a total flavor bomb. And it makes you a grown up.

summer garden white bean dip I

Summer Garden Whipped White Bean Dip

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  • Place the beans in a food processor and blend until pureed and creamy. Add in the garlic powder, salt and pepper, then continue to blend while streaming in the olive oil and ice water. Spoon the dip into a large bowl and stir in the rosemary, thyme and chives. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil.
  • Top the dip with layers of the grilled corn, tomatoes and scallions. Finish by topping with some basil leaves and extra herbs. I like to add another sprinkle of salt and pepper along with a drizzle of olive oil. Serve immediately with pita chips or crackers, raw veggies or baguettes.

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summer garden white bean dip I

Look at those dip ripples.