tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Did anyone else have tears in their eyes/chills down their spine when American Pharoah won the triple crown? I was all “Max! You might not see this again until you are your dad’s age!” Also, does the registered typo in the name make anyone else want to throw a gigantic tantrum?

2. Oh hi. I’m losing my mind over this unicorn cake. I need it. For everyday life. Just look at that.

3. Yesterday I seriously blew up a blender full of frozen acai. It went EVERYWHERE. Everywhere, as in I’m still finding dots of it today. I mean, it flew like ten feet away from the blender in all directions. For someone who is deathly afraid of heights, getting up on a tall ladder and cleaning ten thousand teeny dots off the ceiling is petrifying.

4. So the ice cream man drives around our neighborhood everyday – sometimes twice a day. Do kids still know who and what the ice cream man is?! The music is the same. It’s haunting. It makes me want a strawberry shortcake bar. I desperately want to recreate those, but I want them to be EXACT. It’s not possible.

5. Bath and Body Works is doing it. I’m all over some country apple. Though nothing could compare to the absolute bath I took in Lovespell everyday before high school. Nothing. Between Sunflowers and Lovespell, I’m shocked that I don’t still smell like the entire 90s decade. What did you wear?

6. I’m spending way too much time on Snapchat using the paint feature and drawing on pictures and then deleting them. Do you know what it says if you try to delete? “Are you sure you want to abandon your snapsterpiece.” SNAPSTERPIECE. Best word ever.

7. Seriously hope I can do this at 60 years old.

8. I started watching Bloodline! I’m only two episodes in but I love it so far. In more embarrassing news, do you know what I’m considering binge watching? Ummm… Real Housewives. In all the trash TV I watch, I have never watched any season of the show. Should I do it?

9. Going absolutely crazy over this beautiful home, especially because it belongs to the owners of one of my favorite shops in Harbor Springs and is right on Lake Michigan. GAH. I can’t wait to get there this year.

10. Did you see all these new flavored frappuccinos at Starbucks?! So much excess. I want to try every single one but at the same time, none of them sound appealing to me. You know?